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RFID library Management system with fast, accurate book circulation

23rd February 2011
ES Admin
DAILY RFID has released superior RFID library system for faster book circulation in RFID Library Management. The RFID library system will include two different ISO 15693 compliant HF readers and HF labels, which ensure tracking objects accurately. And it can be also extended to other applications, such as document tracking and jewelry tracking.

With the RFID library system in place, it will benefit library management more efficient tracking of materials. To start with, an HF label will be attached to every book and then every book will be assigned a unique identifier (ID) number from the label. And one of the RFID Readers is used to read or write the information from the label on the book at the issuing desks, so as to simplify the check-in and check-out formalities of the library. Since the reader enables tens of books to be detected at a time and address the problem of scanning only one book every time.

Beyond the fast inventory function, the RFID library management system also ensures security to reduce theft in library. The other RFID Gate Reader can deliver ID badge identification at the library, in case any books are taken away from library without registration. And vital data like profile or any information important for checkout or other library service counters are recorded in the library management system.

The RFID library system facilitates an advanced degree of self-service in libraries. The HF Library system enables book lovers to check in and check out books and other reading material quickly. Thus, it addresses the problem of long queues and enables the staff to devote more time to personal client service.

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