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QuickLogic samples platform for handheld applications

30th April 2008
ES Admin
Engineering samples of QuickLogic's latest customer specific standard product (CSSP) platform for the connectivity, intelligence, and logic requirements of handheld applications are now available. Based on QuickLogic’s patented ViaLink technology, PolarPro II offers ultra low power consumption combined with small-footprint packages. A very low power (VLP) mode freezes system operation, during which the static current drops to less than 5 microamps. Entry and exit from the VLP mode are as fast as 10 microseconds, allowing systems to conserve energy by shutting down in between bursts of activity.
QuickLogic's CSSPs implement proven system blocks (PSBs) in a base silicon platform, such as PolarPro II or ArcticLink. CSSPs then serve to meet the specific design requirements of OEMs/ODMs. The end result is a fully tested, customised device, along with the necessary software drivers for the host operating system.

The new family builds on the award-wining PolarPro platform, offering a more compact architecture that allows for higher levels of integration in a single device. It is the ideal silicon platform for delivering customer- or market-specific combinations of QuickLogic’s proven system blocks for storage, wired/wireless communication, video/imaging, security and other custom functions. PolarPro II also enables higher design flexibility. The I/O section, for instance, now offers eight independently-powered banks to simplify integration into multi-voltage systems, eliminating the need for costly level-shifting circuitry. PolarPro II also adds a more advanced power management scheme. The core voltage can now scale as low as 1.5V to reduce dynamic power consumption.

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