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New ultra-compact, low power printer AP1310-DC provides the ideal solution for mobile applications

11th October 2007
ES Admin
Able Systems Limited has announced the availability of its new AP1310-DC portable mini-printer. The AP1310-DC is ideal for a wide range of mobile applications, having been specifically designed and approved to be powered directly from a vehicle battery, or any DC power source in the range 9 to 36V.
The AP1310-DC mini-printer has multiple power saving modes, can be shutdown remotely and the built-in voltage converter boasts an efficiency of up to 94% – a perfect match for low power battery applications. The printer benefits from a fully integrated DC/DC converter, capable of auto-switching for both 12V and 24V automotive applications.

The AP1310-DC is both compact and light – its total weight with cabling and a full roll of paper is a mere 340g. As a result, the printer is very simple to mount and can be used in a variety of environments, such as trucks & cranes, taxis, delivery vehicles (for temperature recording, weighing or delivery receipts), farm vehicles, in hospitals and warehouses. To help mount the printers Able Systems offers a range of bracket solutions ranging from suction mounts to cart/trolley clamp mounts.

All wiring to the printer is made via a single cable, making it ideal for integration into vehicle wiring looms. This mini-printer has been subject to rigorous, external testing and it carries the CE and e-mark approval. The AP1310-DC is fully protected against the high-energy surges typically found in consumer and industrial vehicles.

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