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New LOSTnFOUND mobile trackers capitalize on u-blox’ GPS and GSM technologies

4th November 2010
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Mountain Group, a Swiss provider of ultra-compact portable tracking solutions relies on u-blox’ leading GPS and GSM/GPRS module technologies for its new “LOSTnFOUND®” suite of tracking devices. The suite consists of the “ALTUS”, “CALVUS”, and “CIRRUS” trackers which report the location of cars, trucks, people, belongings and pets on 5 continents. The information can be viewed from anywhere via a feature-rich web-based application.
“Thanks to u-blox’ high-performance wireless and GPS technologies, our LOSTnFOUND suite of personal and vehicle trackers gives businesses and people around the globe a flexible, portable solution for knowing exactly where their most valuable assets, personnel and loved-ones are. For managers of vehicle fleets and valuable assets, healthcare and emergency service professionals, as well as families and friends, LOSTnFOUND provides security, accountability, and peace of mind” said Daniel Thommen, CEO of the Mountain Group.

“LOSTnFOUND is an innovative application of u-blox’ pioneering GPS and GSM technologies” said Huub Robroek, u-blox Area Sales Manager, “the result is a powerful tracking solution that provides a valuable service to allow companies to optimize business processes, while giving individuals a new level of safety and interactivity”.

Each pocket-size device integrates a u-blox NEO GPS receiver module together with a LEON GSM/GPRS module to enable each unit to report location, location history, speed, and direction. The tight functional integration between the two modules as realized by u-blox delivers outstanding tracking performance.

Outgoing alert messages via SMS or email are also supported. The solution consists of palm-sized tracker units with pre-configured SIM card and easy-to-use web-based interface. The solution delivers high performance at a cost-effective price.

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