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LPRS easy-Radio Transmitter chosen for Caravan and Boat Alarm Systems

21st January 2010
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LPRS, Europe’s leading supplier of short-range radio solutions, has been selected by Keen Electronics to supply wireless key fob controllers for their range of alarms for caravans and boats. The alarm systems protect caravans, motor homes and boats from being stolen, protect the contents and provide occupiers with a panic alarm for their personal protection against intruders. The alarms can also work with satellite tracking systems providing higher levels of security.
Malcolm Keen, Managing Director of Keen Electronics, comments, “Having a comprehensive alarm provides peace of mind to our customers, knowing that both their caravan or boat and its contents are protected. Furthermore most insurers will offer a discount on the insurance premiums when such an alarm is fitted. We use LPRS wireless key fobs on a number of our alarm systems including the 2002 CONCEPT KEL, the CONCEPT GOLD, the DEALER, the MOTOR HOME and the BOAT alarm. The majority of our alarms are fitted to touring caravans and we have over 12,000 alarms in service.”

Each LPRS key fob sends a unique coded signal to the alarm system which contains an LPRS radio receiver/decoder module. The output from this module controls the PIC microcomputer forming the heart of the alarm. The buttons on the fob can switch the alarm on or off and can trigger the siren using the panic alarm facility. The microcomputer scans all of the alarm sensors (PIR, leg sensor, road lighting plug, leisure battery, etc.) and triggers the siren when a violation is detected. The siren sounds for 2 minutes (for minimum noise nuisance) and then resets, awaiting the next violation. Some alarms can also remotely switch a caravan's awning light on or off.

Keen continues, “LPRS were prepared to develop a custom solution to meet our design requirements. These included high reliability and integrity of the stored coded key fob data under all operating voltage conditions, ensuring protection of the data stored in the key-fob even if the battery powering the alarm were to go into deep discharge.

The Keen Electronics alarm systems controlled by LPRS wireless key-fobs provide remote controlled alarms with range of greater than 30 feet, remote controlled switching of awning light from over 30 feet away, instant operation intruder alarm, panic alarm by pressing both buttons on remote key fob (alarm must be ON) and can be used with satellite tracking systems. Keen Alarm systems are guaranteed for 3 years and are suitable for DIY installation or can be fitted by most caravan dealers and benefit owners by attracting insurance premium discounts from CARAVANGUARD, The Caravan Club, K.Drewe (Insurance) and others. They have been factory fitted to many models produced by AVONDALE, BUCCANNER, CARLIGHT, COMPASS, ELDDIS LUNAR & VANMASTER CARAVANS

The Keen alarm system is controlled by the LPRS easy-Radio Transmitter AMTX2B-4-ER. Using AM technology this multi-function handheld alarm transmitter features embedded easy-Radio software and offers a range of transmit functions. The ergonomic design is splash proof, has LED function indication and transmits a unique iD. LPRS supply a matching receiver module LM-RXAM2433.

Peter Cubbage, Sales Director of LPRS adds, “We have been providing wireless key-fobs for many years. They provide a simple and robust means of controlling alarms, access systems and simple control functions. The Keen Electronics alarm systems are a good example of our ability to provide complete, easy to use, cost effective wireless communication systems.”

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