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Fast High Power European Band Transceiver

8th December 2010
ES Admin
The new FPX3-869-20 transceiver is the first in a family of powerful, high data rate transceivers from Radiometrix. This versatile radio module makes use of the pan-European high power 869.4-869.65MHz allocation to offer half-watt RF power output in a small (67 x 30 x 12mm) footprint. Combined with its sensitive (-115dBm) high specification (80dB blocking) receiver circuits this adds up to an adaptable data link device capable of achieving a range of over 3km.
The basic 20kbit/sec module operates on one of two user selectable channels (869.475, 869.565MHz) and features very fast (under 3msec) rx-to-tx switching time. Future releases will include wider (64kbit/sec, 1-channel) and narrower band (5kbit/ sec, 8-channel) versions, while the FPX3 also shares a basic pin-out with a range of exciting VHF and UHF modules in the SHX and USX families.

An adaptable user interface is provided, giving complete control over the module operation via a simple serial port as well as useful additional functions, such as analogue baseband I/O and an RSSI signal. Just a single +5v supply is needed, the module drawing only 50mA in receive and under 450mA (for +26dBm output) on transmit.

The FPX3 transceiver is ideally suited for applications where other frequency bands are too congested, or low transmit power limits yield insufficient range or reliability. This includes industrial telecommand tasks, machine control, fast, long range data modems and robotic/ mechatronic control functions.

All FPX3 versions comply with ETSI EN 300 220-3 and EN 301 489-3, for unlicensed operation throughout Europe.

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