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CSR audio platform redefines consumer expectations for mass-market mono Bluetooth headsets with High Definition voice call and music streaming enhancements

21st October 2010
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CSR announced the launch of BC6145, its most advanced Bluetooth audio platform for single-microphone mono headsets, speakerphones, car-kits and other mass-market wireless audio accessories. BC6145 is the first ROM based mono device to support a new set of consumer-centric features including High Definition voice (“HD voice”) call quality, A2DP music streaming and advanced intelligibility enhancements. BC6145 also supports the compelling benefits of bi-directional noise reduction and ultra low power Wind Noise Reduction (WNR) that greatly enhance the user experience of low-cost Bluetooth mono headsets.
Available immediately, BC6145 further highlights CSR’s technical superiority and leadership in the mass-market Bluetooth mono headset market. Tier-one manufacturers of mobile phones and Bluetooth accessories are already designing this audio platform in to next-generation headsets.

Improving voice quality

BC6145 enables dramatic improvements in call quality across wireless accessories as part of network operators’ ongoing rollout of HD voice. With several major operators (including France Telecom, 3 UK and Orange) already deploying HD voice services, BC6145 provides manufacturers with the earliest opportunity to position a low-cost mono headset that includes the mSBC CODEC and an optimum user experience.

Bringing music to mono headsets

With the prevalence of A2DP supported music streaming in media players and handsets, a large proportion of consumers will benefit from BC6145’s ability to play music from high-quality A2DP audio sources. This compelling new use for mono headsets benefits users who want to listen to mono music through their headset earpiece or speakerphone. A2DP music streaming functionality in low-cost mono headsets will also provide OEMs with a valuable feature differentiator.

Improving speech intelligibility

BC6145 delivers improved speech intelligibility, enabling headset users to more clearly understand speech in the presence of background noise. As well as reducing listener fatigue in long conversations this also improves the user’s ability to safely dual task, for example driving and listening to a phone call at the same time.

Thanks to bi-directional noise reduction, BC6145-based headsets enable users to benefit from reduced noise on the incoming audio, thus improving their own experience, in addition to the more common send path noise reduction available in other silicon offerings, which only benefit the caller at the other end.

A very low-power, high performance Wind Noise Reduction (WNR) algorithm affords BC6145-based headset users the convenience of being able to hold more intelligible conversations in windy conditions without having to “duck into the doorway”. As the WNR only switches on when it detects the presence of wind noise, OEMs can deploy this feature without worrying about the power consumption overhead required, especially in the non active “listening” state.

The BC6145’s crystal clear audio quality is achieved via integration of CSR’s 6th Generation of CVC speech enhancement software which provides a collection of algorithms that enable advanced audio features including packet loss and bit error concealment that ensure audio quality in difficult RF environments.

Extending Consumer Talk-Time

BC6145 also allows headset users to extract around an extra hour of talk-time from a headset even when the battery capacity is low thanks to an optional Talk-Time Extension feature.

Anthony Murray, Senior Vice President of CSR’s Audio and Consumer Business Unit comments: “CSR’s expertise in wireless audio platform technology has made possible the most feature rich, low cost ROM solution available today. For the first time, a Bluetooth device for the mass-market affordable headset, speakerphone and car-kit sectors is offering exciting new features like HD voice and the ability to listen to high-quality music. In doing so, BC6145 is truly redefining the value proposition for these platform segments and enabling a vastly improved consumer experience.”

As well as low-cost mono headsets, BC6145 is also suitable for mass-market car-kits and speakerphones where it can greatly reduce the impact of speaker distortion and enhance the echo cancellation performance in the demanding noise environment of a car.

An enhancement to CSR’s highly successful BC6140 audio platform, BC6145 is available in a pin-compatible QFN package to enable the many legacy headsets and speakerphone products based on BC6140 to be quickly and easily upgraded with the enhancements afforded by BC6145.

BC6145 is available now in mass production volumes.

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