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Complete Plug-and-Play ZigBee Development Kits

27th June 2011
ES Admin
The Ember ZigBee EM35x InSight development kit can be used for EM351 and EM357 system-on-chips (SoC) based development. This kit is an integral part of the Ember InSight Development Environment, the premier embedded ZigBee wireless networking development platform, consisting of software and hardware tools that are the most comprehensive tools available for ZigBee product development.
Ember InSight Development Kits provide all the basic tools needed to start building these development and test networks. A key component is the InSight Adapter (ISA or ISA3), which provides connectivity across an Ethernet LAN to nodes in the developer's network, allowing remote programming and collection of time-synchronized packet, API and application information from many nodes at once.

The EM35x Development Kits include hardware, network development and debugging software, compiler and EmberZNet PRO networking stack for embedded applications, all delivered in a complete development environment. A unique component of the software is the Ember AppBuilder tool which enables developers to rapidly build ZigBee certifiable applications using both ZigBee public application profiles as well as custom applications.

William Wong, Technology Editor of Electronic Design says:

I have been checking out ZigBee development kits since they were first released. The change over time has been amazing. Of all the ones I have looked at in the past, Ember's EM35x Development Kit is the best I have seen to date. It includes not only top notch software but a hardware combination that includes backchannel Ethernet debug capability. Ember doesn't make you run out and buy more hardware or hope you have it handy (except for a development PC and batteries).

EM35x development kit content

• Radio control modules board (3 pcs.)

• Breakout board (3 pcs.)

• InSight adapter – ISA3 – (3 pcs.)

• Module variety pack (1 box with 6 modules)

• Radio frequency cable

• InSight port cable (3 pcs.)

• Data emulation interface cable (3 pcs.)

• Power supplies and battery pack (3 pcs.)

• 8 Port switch with 4 POE ports

• InSight Desktop

For price and delivery contact Texim Europe.

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