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Band reject filters for military precision

23rd October 2008
ES Admin
Available exclusively in the UK from Admiral Microwaves is the latest range of dual channel band reject YIG-tuned filters, manufactured by world class YIG component supplier Micro Lambda Wireless. Destined for the specialist microwave frequency community, the MLFRD Series devices cover frequencies from 2 to 18GHz in four models: 2 to 6GHz, 2 to 8GHz, 6 to 18GHz and 8 to 18GHz.
These filters offer excellent notch depth and precise bandwidths for rejection of unwanted signals. Standard models are specified with 40dB notch bandwidths of between 5 and 15MHz, and 3dB bandwidths of 100 to 120MHz maximum are also available.

Insertion loss in each channel is an impressively low 2dB. Channel to channel tracking of 3 to 5MHz, depending on frequency band, is provided while channel to channel isolation is 50dB minimum.

Standard models are specified to operate over the 0 to 65oC temperature range, but military versions covering the extended -40 to +85oC range are available on special order.

These YIG band reject filters are designed for a wide range of microwave applications including commercial and military satellite communications systems, wide band receivers, telecommunications infrastructure and military co-located emitter installations. They are available in Micro Lambda’s compact filter package measuring 1.4in x 1.4in x 1.4in (35.56mm).

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