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Avago Technologies ALM-2712 - GPS Front-End Module With Lowest Noise Figure for Mobile Applications

20th April 2010
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Avago Technologies announced the expansion of its market leading ultra low-noise GPS front-end modules for mobile GPS applications. The ALM-2712, which has the lowest noise figure of any GPS filter-LNA-filter modules in the industry, integrates pre- and post-high rejection FBAR filters to provide superior performance. This integrated FBAR filter provides low insertion loss in GPS band frequencies and exceptional out of band rejection at cellular, DCS/PCS and WLAN band frequencies, making it an ideal device for use in simultaneous GPS (S-GPS), voice and data operations in today’s mobile handsets.

S-GPS and other location-based GPS services used in mobile handsets require a high level of receiver sensitivity. Avago’s ALM-2712 delivers a very low noise figure and high linearity performance which helps to significantly improve the sensitivity of the GPS receivers. By integrating the low noise amplifier (LNA), pre- and post high-rejection FBAR filters, and other RF matching components into the module, the ALM-2712 does not require any external RF matching components. As a result, it helps customers to simplify the design process, and reduce board space and component count in their applications. Moreover, the ALM-2712 has a built-in shunt inductor at the RF input pin to enhance ESD production, which allows the device to survive more than 3kV of Human Body Model (HBM) ESD charge at the RF input pin.

Avago’s ALM-2712 GPS module is housed in a miniature 3.0 by 2.5 by 1.0 mm MCOB package and is ideal for use in space constrained applications. At a typical operating condition of 2.7V and 7.5mA, this GPS front-end module effectively leverages Avago’s 0.25 µm GaAs enhancement-mode pHEMT process and its leading-edge proprietary FBAR filtering technologies, to deliver a 1.26 dB noise figure, 14.2 dB gain, and + 5 dBm input third order intercept point (IIP3) and 89dBc/80dBc/72dBc of out of band rejection at cellular, DCS/PCS and WLAN band frequencies. These features combine to make the ALM-2712 an ideal solution to help enhance the performance of the GPS receivers used in mobile handsets and other GPS applications.

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