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Antenova Expands Antenna Design and Test Services to include Pre-Compliance Over-The-Air (OTA) Antenna Performance Testing

16th February 2010
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Antenova Ltd, the integrated antenna and RF solutions company, announced the expansion of its industry leading antenna design services to include antenna integration, matching service and antenna test and measure services. Antenova further announced the launch of their Pre-Compliance Over-The-Air (OTA) Antenna Performance Testing service for handset manufacturers, module manufacturers and integrators and chipset suppliers.
“Antenova has designed embedded antenna solutions for the widest range of wireless devices and technologies in the industry,” stated Greg McCray, CEO of Antenova. “With more and more wireless protocols and features being squeezed into already overcrowded mobile devices, choosing the right antenna and antenna design partner can help reduce customization, design costs and accelerate time to market. Considering the antenna design as early as possible in the device development can substantially reduce total development time and cost as well as offer better wireless performance. But, no matter where a customer is in the development cycle, Antenova can provide the necessary skills, services and state of the art design and test facilities required to deliver high performing antenna solutions with reliable and predictable performance.”

Complementing Antenova’s market leading antennas and RF solutions and comprehensive range of antenna design and test services, Antenova is able to provide pre-compliance over-the-air (OTA) antenna performance test and measurement for wireless devices using state of the art equipment and facilities which includes a Satimo SG64 Anechoic Chamber.

McCray added, “The use of anechoic chambers for the testing of OTA wireless device requirements such as those regulated by the CTIA has become common practice. Antenova is capable of performing TRP and TIS measurements according to the specifications set in the “CTIA Test Plan” for Mobile Stations Over-the-Air Performance for GSM and UMTS technologies, and we can provide a pre-screen of a customer device to ensure it will pass the network operator and PTCRB approvals. Although we are not an authorized CTIA test facility, our facility is CTIA certifiable, which has attracted a lot of interest for our ‘Pre-Compliance’ testing.”

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