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13.56MHz RFID HF Reader with 90cm read range for inventory

30th November 2010
ES Admin
DAILY RFID has released 13.56MHz RFID Reader (HF Reader DL810) for inventory, which enables tags to be read within 90cm. And with fast tag processing speed, the HF RFID reader is suitable for use in many inventory applications such as jewelry management, library management system.

With over 4Watt RF high output power, the long range RFID HF Reader DL810 offers long read range while maintaining low power consumption of system-level. Due to the SMA interface and special out-built Antenna DL810, the 13.56MHz reader offers long read range with I-CODE 2 RFID tags.

With advanced anti-collision algorithm, the HF RFID reader has a fast rate of identification. That means the 13.56MHz reader DL810 can identify many tags at a tremendous speed of up to 50pcs per second, thus allowing hundreds of the tagged objects to be checked in a minute.

With the above advantages, the 13.56MHz HF Reader is a logical choice for inventory. And it can also be used in a wide range of other applications, such as RFID asset management, RFID logistics, RFID personnel identification, RFID conference attendance system and RFID industrial production process control system.

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