Universal transmitter can make any switch wireless

1st June 2016
Nat Bowers


The latest addition to RF Solutions’ wireless product range, SQUIDBOARD is a quick to fit and versatile gadget which can make any switch wireless. Simply connect any closed contact switch to one of the SQUIDBOARD’s wire pairs to create a radio transmitter switch.

Comprised of 4 closed contact inputs, on-board antenna and a battery connector, the SQUIDBOARD is powered by either a 9V PP3 battery or three AAA batteries to achieve a range of up to 100m.

This innovative and compact remote transmitter has the potential to work on an endless range of applications. To help with installation the wired inputs are incredibly flexible, so can easily be moved to the desired place once connected or folded out of the way if unused. Whether it’s behind a wall gang switch or used in an industrial handheld remote - it’s up for the challenge.

The SQUIDBOARD adds to RF Solutions’ already comprehensive range of controls. Compatible with any of the 868MHz receivers in their range, the SQUIDBOARD can be added to an existing system or be used as the transmitter on a new system.

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