Smart sensors & innovation are the future of oral healthcare

10th June 2016
Jordan Mulcare

Philips has announced the Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected latest innovation that uses Smart Sensor technology to help consumers identify the areas of the mouth missed in their current brushing routine. The advanced toothbrush synchronises with the Philips Sonicare app via Bluetooth to track brushing habits in real time and provide a personalised 3D mouth-map to help coach consumers improve their brushing technique.

The future of oral healthcare is connectivity and sensing according to new research by Philips, which reveals that 98% of U.S. dental professionals surveyed would feel more confident in their patients looking after their mouth, teeth and gums in between visits with Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected. Using smart sensors and advanced technology to set consumers’ goals for their daily brushing routines, 95% of dental practitioners surveyed in the U.S. felt they could make more effective recommendations to patients.

“Motivating patients to maintain good oral health habits in between checkups has always been difficult,” said Marilyn Ward, DDS and Oral Healthcare Global Director of Clinical Dental Scientific Affairs, Philips. “New innovations like Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected, means that advice and guidance shared with patients are now easier to implement with coaching and real-time data supporting them as part of their daily routine.”

In a world where 90% of the global population will suffer from a disease in the mouth, teeth or gums at some point during their lifetime, Philips believes advancements in sensors will create meaningful data and be key in helping consumers look after their long-term oral health.

“At Philips we’re constantly exploring how we can create meaningful innovations within our oral healthcare portfolio to make people’s lives better,” said Egbert van Acht, CEO, Health & Wellness, Philips. “The mouth is the gateway to the body and as increasingly sophisticated diagnostic technology is built into oral health devices, data captured could help identify wider health issues.”

New Smart Sensor technology provides personalised feedback on brushing habits every time it is used. These sensors identify missed regions, when brushing with too much pressure, and how to achieve better coverage. The Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected is able to map the user’s mouth through the Smart Sensors, with sophisticated detection technology.

People are seeking more and more information about their personal health and wellbeing. The rise of health apps and wearables demonstrates the desire for personal data, and Philips plans to harness its heritage in developing meaningful health technology innovations to improve people’s lives.

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