Personalised approach for accurate targeted brain stimulation in therapy

11th May 2018
Enaie Azambuja

Nexstim Plc has announced that it is launching its Navigated Brain Therapy (NBT) system in the US for the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) at the Clinical TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) Society Annual Meeting in New York following FDA clearance for the device in November last year. The Clinical TMS Society Annual Meeting takes place from the 11th to the 13th May, and is a focused conference, bringing together over 500 participants including current and new TMS practitioners.

Nexstim will introduce and demonstrate the use of its NBT system at the event and will also participate in a PULSES workshop session to train physicians in the use of the system to treat depression.

The system has been cleared by the FDA for the treatment of MDD, a recurrent and frequently chronic disorder with significant unmet clinical need. Approximately 10 million Americans suffer from Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) annually and 35% of patients treated with anti-depressant drugs fail to respond to this method of treatment.

Nexstim’s NBT therapy provides personalised non-invasive neuro-stimulation therapy as an alternative to sub-optimal pharmacologic treatments via its SmartFocusTM TMS technology.

To drive the uptake of its highly differentiated system, Nexstim is expanding its US based field organisation to support sales and service, led by Steve Beller, Vice President and General Manager, North America.

The Company will also establish a US TMS Therapy Clinical Advisory Panel comprising physicians who adopt the NBT system, to provide advice and feedback on use of the system, including potential new therapeutic applications.

Martin Jamieson, Chairman and CEO, Nexstim Plc commented: “We are extremely pleased to announce the launch of our NBT system for depression at this TMS focused event. The unique navigational capability of our system, personalised to each patient for targeted stimulation of the relevant brain area, clearly differentiates it from the non-navigational TMS devices currently on the market for this indication.”

Nexstim also attended the American Psychiatry Association Annual Meeting which took place from the 5th to the 8th May and had over 13,000 attendees, largely psychiatrists, where it promoted its NBT system for use in depression.

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