Trio collaborate on OTA radar simulation

17th July 2020
Mick Elliott

Realistic scenario emulation to test ADAS and AD components in a HIL system is gaining ground as an in-lab test method before drive tests.

This test method requires different technologies than currently available in the market.

To enable the automotive industry with more reliable and capable radar object simulation for automotive radar HIL applications, Konrad Technologies is working together with Rohde & Schwarz and NI on a new innovative approach for over the air (OTA) radar simulation.

Konrad Technologies will combine radar test technologies from Rohde & Schwarz and NI to realise the next generation of capability for radar sensor simulation in ADAS HIL applications.

This ADAS HIL test system will involve using the Rohde & Schwarz Advanced Antenna Array as a frontend to the NI Vehicle Radar Test System (VRTS) for radar object simulation in a HIL test setup. With the primary goal to expand the capabilities of the Konrad Technologies Radar HIL test system, this test method will enable higher precision and reliability for more sophisticated test scenarios used for radar tests that involve multiple objects moving across the radar’s Field of View (FOV).

The advantage of the antenna array is the high speed and high precision electronic movement of the object, instead of mechanical movements, in the FOV.

“Working together with the two most innovative companies in the field of test and measurement gives us the opportunity to develop a completely new and future-proof concept for radar object simulation over the air. Combining the advanced antenna array from Rohde & Schwarz with the capabilities of the NI VRTS and integrating it in the Konrad Technologies software and hardware platform will result in a unique Konrad Technologies ADAS HIL system," said Michael Konrad, CEO Konrad Technologies.

“As a leading company in test and measurement with innovative radar test solutions and cutting-edge microwave imaging technology, we are setting a new standard with our advanced antenna array for radar testing over-the-air. The novel approach supersedes the traditional setup with mechanical moving parts to simulate moving radar objects. With Konrad Technologies, an innovate and well-established player for ADAS HIL systems, we are providing a trendsetting turn-key solution for radar OTA stimulation” commented Christian Evers, Vice President Microwave Imaging.

“NI’s software-connected systems empower engineers and enterprises to integrate the test systems required to deliver safe and reliable vehicles”, responded Chad Chesney, General Manager and Vice President of Transportation Business at NI. “NI is proud to partner with Konrad Technologies to deliver an innovative approach to radar validation that accelerates ADAS and autonomy system development and transforms test into a strategic advantage for our customers.”

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