RingGo Park and Pay deployed in over 150,000 BMW cars

18th June 2021
Lanna Deamer

RingGo and BMW have announced an in-car payment solution, now available in over 150,000 BMW models throughout the UK. The RingGo application is accessed via the car’s on-board iDrive infotainment system, simplifying the process of making payment for parking.

Drivers can now enjoy a seamless transition from navigation, to parking and finally paying - all through their in-car touchscreen without the need for a phone or cash. 

Incorporating the RingGo app into the BMW infotainment system illustrates the dedication both RingGo and BMW have to providing an easily accessible user experience. 

As the UK emerges from lockdown, drivers are returning to the road and seeking to get from A to B as easily and safely as possible. This partnership between RingGo and BMW eliminates the need for drivers to carry cash for parking meters and avoids the hassle associated with making calls to automated phone payment services, ensuring a frictionless and easy experience. 

“This partnership with BMW has truly been a joint venture with motorists at the heart of the solution. It is another demonstration of the rapid evolution of integrated motoring, parking and mobility services, which puts motorists in control and removes any barriers in transitioning from one to another,” said Peter O’Driscoll, UK Managing Director, RingGo. “We are all about doing everything we can to improve the experiences of our users.”

Chris Hollis, ConnectedDrive & Technologies Product Manager at BMW said: “We are delighted to have worked closely with RingGo to give our customers an intuitive, helpful experience that brings all of their parking needs together in one place. The new feature will be delivered as an integrated vehicle app and installed automatically over-the-air on all BMW vehicles in the UK which have Operating System 7 and were built since July 2018.” 

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