INOVA Launches APIX2 - Bandwidth of Popular Automotive Pixel Link Now Extended To 3 Gbit/s

24th February 2011
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INOVA Semiconductors today launches its next generation APIX2 Automotive PIXel link technology for the transmission of multiple data formats over one link. APIX2 is fully backward compatible to 1st generation APIX products. It extends the bandwidth to 3 Gbit/s, facilitating the transmission of multiple data streams - completely independent of each other - over a 4-wire STP copper cable. A 100 Mbit Ethernet channel can also be implemented. APIX2 uses popular and proven low-cost automotive cable and connector solutions.
The first APIX2 products, INAP375T (transmitter) and INAP375R (receiver), handle two independent video streams, bidirectional control data channels and audio streams and are ideally suited for all display systems in both dashboards and rear seats. The fully user configurable link supports parallel RGB or differential OpenLDI compliant video input and output ports. Popular interfaces such as I²C or SPI for data and I²S for audio are also supported. Moreover, a standardized MII (Media Independent Interface) for implementing a 100 Mbit Ethernet channel is available.

All control data channels are protected with an integrated protocol known as AShell, facilitating error correction and retransmission of corrupted data. Thus, also ASIL compliant systems can be implemented with APIX2.

The future-proof chipset supports many different video formats up to High Definition 1080i or 720p at 24 bit colours and refresh rates of up to 100 Hz.

Moreover, the latest and next generation megapixel automotive imager solutions requiring pixel clocks of up to 120 MHz directly connect to APIX2.

APIX2 features the daisy chaining of two APIX2 receivers with a built-in video switch to individually select the video stream for display. This allows a variety of new concepts for infotainment architectures to be implemented in the car, yet reducing the number of components for connectivity and cabling by at least 25% compared to conventional SerDes solutions.

APIX2 is designed to meet the requirements for automotive applications according to the AEC-Q100 standard and is specified for a temperature range of -40°C to +125°C. Samples of INAP375T and INAP375R are available.

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