The Israel International Innovation Expo

The Israel International Innovation Expo is focused on the advancement of Israel’s innovative business and cultural relationship with the United States and its allies. 

Through targeted, large-scale engagements leveraging the company’s world-class network of executives, advisors, investors and partners to advance the development of Israel Innovation Companies. We are proud to announces the collaboration with major U.S strategic partners, and leaders. The event will be centralized in Orlando, Florida with International participation including: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Israel and San Diego, California.

In pursuit of its mission, the Expo works closely with a worldwide network of economic development partners both in government and private-sector businesses.

Digital Transformation is radically changing how organizations leverage their customer networks; build sustainable; transform data into assets; innovate rapid experimentation; and adapt value propositions. The team is working diligently to connect mission-driven businesses with innovation and technology solutions that address real-world, business obstacles, and advancement through hands-on workshops to inspire new concepts and business development. We invite you to participate in our Expo. The Expo works closely with a worldwide network of economic development partners both in government and private-sector businesses. Our Expo will give rise to insightful discussions, innovation, collaboration, education and cross-border investment. Organizer of Innovation and Digital Transformation to Solve Today’s Global Challenges. 

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