Tech Summit 23 is Asia's largest technology event, taking place in Lahore (PAKISTAN), and seeks to highlight the most recent technological trends, breakthroughs, and inventions. Prepare yourself for the greatest technological experience at Tech Summit 23! With over 150,000 participants, 200+ exhibitors, and 600+ national and international speakers, this event is an excellent opportunity to learn about the most recent technological breakthroughs. It provides a fantastic forum for technology enthusiasts, industry experts, and enterprises to network and exchange their knowledge and expertise.

What we offer during the event:

  1. Conferences:
    A bunch of influential people gathered for the week-long event, which guests characterize as "a journey into the future."
  2. Workshops:
    You will get access to the conference and a workshop of your choice. Stay tuned for mind-blowing ideas from the top speakers only at Tech Summit.
  3. Breaks:
    It's difficult to learn on an empty stomach. Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and unlimited tea and coffee are all included in the price of the ticket.

Ticket information:

Tickets are completely free for all Pakistani attendees, they just need to fill in an email on the website to get a registration code; however, if you are a foreigner, tickets must be purchased from the website. Upon arrival, Pakistani attendees must show their registration code to enter, and foreigners must scan their tickets.

Exhibit and sponsor:

For organizations looking to interact with a global audience of technology experts and enthusiasts, Tech Summit 23 offers them a premier sponsorship opportunity. The world's largest Tech Summit, Tech Summit 23, provides the ideal platform for showcasing your brand and goods to a varied and interested audience. You will enjoy various exclusive perks as a sponsor, including VIP access, exhibit space, speaking opportunities, and more. You will also get the opportunity to network with other technology professionals and experts from across the world, as well as gain media exposure. Join us for this complete technology event to establish your company as an industry leader. Invest in Tech Summit 23 and prepare to be inspired, informed, and astounded.

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