From electronica with love

26th October 2016
Posted By : Barney Scott
From electronica with love

At our booth #667 in Hall A1 you will have the chance to attend several live measurements and demonstrations involving our low frequency network analyzer Bode 100, our dielectric material analyzer SPECTANO 100 and our precision timing solutions products. But before we provide you with more information on the demos we are proud to inform you about this year’s special guests:

Meet the Experts

With Steve Sandler and Dr. Ali Shirsavar we are hosting two internationally renowned power supply experts at our booth. Steve Sandler of Picotest will demonstrate his brand new power integrity bundle which provides you with all tools to analyse and develop stable and reliable power supplies. Dr. Ali Shirsavar of Biricha Digital will show you how you can easily design power supply compensation circuits within 10 minutes using his innovative WDS design software. Steve and Ali will be available at our booth for discussion and life measurements. They are both looking forward to your questions, so feel free to challenge them.

Is your laboratory bench complete?

We are convinced that an electronics lab is only complete with a Bode 100 Vector Network Analyser. At several demo stations we will introduce you to the versatile applications of the Bode 100. So for example we will show, how you can utilise the Bode 100 Vector Network Analyser and Picotest Signal injectors to measure all important characteristics of power supplies. Together with our exhibition team you can measure loop stability, output impedance and PSRR of different power supply topologies. Further on, we will demonstrate how you can quickly determine component parasitics in the range from 1Hz to 40MHz.

Have you ever measured Tera-Ohms?

With OMICRON Lab's newly developed dielectric material analyser SPECTANO 100 you can easily perform swept impedance measurements up to Tera-Ohms range. Thus, the SPECTANO 100 is a versatile solution for the fast analysis of all dielectric properties of solid and liquid insulating materials from 5µHz to 5kHz. It combines measurements in the time and frequency domain which results in a measurement time reduction of up to 75% in comparison to conventional test sets. For sure, you can see the SPECTANO 100 in live operation during electronica.

Have you got a Nanosecond?

Time at electronica is precious. There are so many things to see and so little time. However, it will take a little bit longer than a nanosecond to check out our precision timing solutions. But if you have a few minutes, we will show how easy it is to synchronise computers, measurement equipment and control systems over Ethernet with sub-microsecond accuracy. This outstanding synchronisation accuracy is achieved by utilising the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) in accordance to IEEE 1588. At our IEEE 1588 demo wall you will see how the antenna integrated PTP grandmaster clock OTMC 100 as well as the PTP time converter TICRO 100 are used to time synchronise various equipment including a high-speed camera.

Well, that’s it. Thanks for staying tuned for the entire article. We are looking forward to meet you at our booth #667 in Hall A1. If you stop by at the right time, you might get one of our famous “beer after four” beers.

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