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Design service provides access to advanced DSP technology for software radio applications

Cambridge Consultants has become the first authorized design centre for picoChip's multi-core digital signal processor (DSP), picoArray. picoArray devices incorporate arrays of DSP elements, delivering extremely high performance. This makes them ideal for the computationally-intensive tasks involved in advanced wireless signal processing, while also providing adaptability that can be employed to accommodate operational problems such as varying channel conditions, or changes in the service profile of the communications system. The devices are available in forms suitable for both infrastructure and user terminal applications, offering a powerful platform to develop products for emerging global wireless communications markets such as WiMAX and 4G.
14th June 2007

INTEGRITY Workstation Support for Intel Virtualization Technology announced by Green Hills

Green Hills Software has announced the availability of enhancements to INTEGRITY Workstation to support Intel Virtualization Technology-enabled processors and chipsets. The INTEGRITY Workstation is based on the secure and safety-certified INTEGRITY operating system, and uses Green Hills Software’s Padded Cell virtual machine technology to provide an operating environment that supports high criticality applications alongside traditional, unmodified desktop and server operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, and Solaris. Software solutions that incorporate Intel Virtualization Technology enable multiple operating systems to be run simultaneously in their own protected environments.
10th June 2007

UGM 1.0 Compliant Embedded Universal Graphics Module is a first says Kontron

UGM 1.0 Compliant Embedded Universal Graphics Module is a first says Kontron
Kontron has announced what it says is the first UGM (Universal Graphics Module) based on AMD's flagship GPU ATI R600. The Kontron UGM-M72 is equipped with the 450-700 MHz version of the R600 core and delivers outstanding visualization and multitasking features beyond integrated chipset graphics, combined with power saving features and long-term availability. It is designed for embedded and rugged mobile applications that call for short time to market.
8th June 2007

Compact embedded hardware for high definition video processing applications over IP-converged networks

ViaLogy has announced that it has developed IPv6-capable MicroSPM , compact embedded hardware for high definition video processing applications over IP-converged networks. MicroSPM extends ViaLogy’s SPM software product family by delivering a network-centric hardware policy-engine for fully-autonomous incident-based rapid detection, analysis and response. The MicroSPM platform addresses three major trends within the global surveillance industry: increasing adoption of network addressable digital video camera and thermal imagers; need for real-time autonomous processing by moving the policy and the intelligence to the network edge, and, the accelerated migration to IPv6 addressing standards.
5th June 2007

Software Development Solution for Freescale MPC5510 Automotive Microcontrollers

Software Development Solution for Freescale MPC5510 Automotive Microcontrollers
Green Hills has announced the immediate availability of its ECU software development solution targeting Freescale’s MPC5510 microcontroller family, built on Power Architecture technology. Components of the Green Hills Software development toolkit include: royalty-free RTOSes, optimizing C/C++ compilers for Power Architecture, MULTI integrated development environment (IDE) with multicore debugger, virtual prototyping platform, TimeMachine™ tool suite and high-speed Nexus hardware probes.
4th June 2007

Zarlink introduces new tools to simplify design of hands-free voice communication systems

Zarlink introduces new tools to simplify design of hands-free voice communication systems
Zarlink Semiconductor Inc. has introduced a range of tools that simplify the design of hands-free communication systems, including car kits, speakerphones and home automation systems. Complementing Zarlink’s platform of hands-free voice processing solutions, these design tools include a full evaluation board, mini-evaluation board and a “plug and test” diagnostic kit.
31st May 2007


Feature packed board is compact, fanless and fast.
30th May 2007

Synplicity's latest ASIC Verification Solution Brings Full Visibility to FPGA-Based ASIC Prototyping

Synplicity has announced its revolutionary new Identify Pro ASIC and ASSP verification solution. The Identify Pro software, featuring Synplicity's TotalRecallT technology, provides designers with full visibility into FPGA-based ASIC and ASSP prototypes enabling them to find, fix and verify functional errors at speeds approaching that of the final device. Identify Pro software improves the productivity of existing verification methodologies, such as assertion-based verification and simulation, resulting in a significantly reduced overall verification time with improved verification coverage and quality.
29th May 2007

Synopsys And Synplicity Establish Alliance To Advance High-Performance ASIC Verification

Synopsys and Synplicity, have announced the signing of a joint marketing agreement intended to improve verification flows for their mutual customers. Under terms of the agreement, the companies intend to work together on next-generation, high-performance verification solutions for ASIC designers. Targeting FPGA-based prototyping environments, Synopsys and Synplicity plan to demonstrate Synopsys' VCS functional verification solution working seamlessly with Synplicity's new Identify Pro software, with TotalRecall technology, a tool adding full visibility to FPGA-based prototyping systems.
29th May 2007

Green Hills Software Announces New EEMBC Benchmark Scores

Green Hills Software has announced that its optimizing compilers for the Power Architecture were used by both Freescale and IBM for certified, published Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium (EEMBC) benchmark scores on the MPC8641D and PowerPC 750CL microprocessors. Green Hills compilers have been chosen by microprocessor manufacturers four times more often than other compilers to produce EEMBC published benchmark scores for 32-bit processors.
26th May 2007

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