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28th July 2020
Advances in the product design of touchscreens

We live in a world that expects every display to be interactive. When a child approaches a screen in a shopping mall, they instinctively touch it, and are surprised if it doesn’t react. Touchscreens are now a natural part of our everyday lives – from smartphones and tablet computers to ticket machines and self-service check outs.

30th June 2020
Helping museum to bring smart agriculture to life

When the farm meets smart technology (smart agriculture), what will it look like? With the advent of the IoT, ‘Big Data’ and Machine Learning, many businesses can now quickly and accurately collect and analyse information to fine tune their processes and improve productivity and quality.

3rd June 2020
Zytronic’s rugged touchscreens improve quarry efficiency

When looking to speed up the flow of trucks checking into its busy mines and quarries, Australia’s largest construction material supplier, Boral Limited, decided to apply ‘smart’ technologies. As a result, haulage drivers now use specially designed kiosks, with Zytronic’s interactive rugged touchscreens, at Boral’s incoming and outgoing weighbridges to avoid bottlenecks.

13th May 2020
Creating touchscreen displays for retail

If you’re an OEM producing display products for retailers, you’re going to be facing a somewhat new challenge: the incorporation of touchscreen technology into retail advertisement displays. As more consumers than ever grow accustomed to touch being a standard luxury in personal electronics, Point Of Sales(P.O.S) displays in stores now face the burden of bringing  high level, touch-enabled performance to a harsher environment.

6th May 2020
Touch sensor tech helps tourists visit Shinto shrines

Japan has become an increasingly popular destination for holidaymakers who value its unique culture and heritage. Japan is home to 23 World Heritage Sites, ranging from beautiful lakes, stunning waterfalls and lush bamboo forests, to serene Shinto shrines and tranquil temples.

28th April 2020
Touchscreen hygiene in the age of COVID-19

With the Coronavirus crisis continuing in the UK and worldwide, many are rightfully looking to ways they can minimise the risk of the virus spreading in public places, such as supermarkets, train stations and petrol station forecourts. Many such locations now depend upon self-service touchscreens and anxiety over their use is on the rise.

31st March 2020
Configurable capacitive interface for rugged applications

Touch technology specialist Zytronic has extended its capability and can now work closely with customers to design and manufacture projected capacitive interfaces that combine a ‘traditional’ dynamic touch area with surrounding capacitive keys.

27th March 2020
The future of touchscreen technology

As the widespread proliferation of touch technology sets a new expectation in user’s minds, how can commercial designers install touchscreens that meet these expectations in more demanding environments? When users have pre-existing expectations of responsive touch performance, how do designers overcome the robust demands placed upon technology by industrial applications?

21st January 2020
Interactive video wall with multi-touch transition screen tiles

Zytronic will demonstrate a video wall of four multi-touch screens that are linked to enable touch transition between screen tiles at ISE (Hall 8, stand G351), 11th-14th February 2020. Each of the four 55” multi-touch sensors in the 2x2 array features an ultra-narrow border, creating a sleek appearance by using the maximum display area.

16th December 2019
Interactive creative experiences in new sensory room

Zytronic has announced its part in a project to bring touch interactivity to a new facility at Canopy Children’s Solutions in Mississippi. The company’s touch sensors enable interactive capabilities in the Ucreate digital play panel used in Canopy’s newly opened sensory room at its Jackson, MS facility.

8th August 2019
Investment to increase display product range

Zytronic has recently invested over £350,000 into their Northeast manufacturing site. The upgrade to glass processing and storage equipment increases the range of products and design features offered to customers and streamlines operations.

12th June 2019
Ultra-fast charging stations incorporate touch technology

Specialist in custom designed, durable Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT and MPCT) touch sensors, Zytronic, has announced that its touch technology provides the user-friendly interface for the Circontrol Raption Series of intelligent car chargers for electrical vehicles.

15th May 2019
Interactive touch technology in slim 40mm design

Manufacturer of large format, durable and customised Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT and MPCT) touch sensors, Zytronic, has announced that its touch technology has been used to create the double sided, 55” interactive display in the slimline Blade kiosk created by Design to Production and currently being piloted in Australian Volkswagen showrooms. 

2nd April 2019
Speeding check in with touch sensors

Over 47 million patients have reportedly checked in to see their GP through a Zytronic PCT touch sensor. This is because the sensors, supplied by distributor Display Technology, have been the top choice for Engage Health Systems (formerly known as Wiggly-Amps), suppliers of patient-facing services for the healthcare sector.

15th January 2019
Fully integrated mechanical and touch controls

Provider of custom-designed, durable Projected Capacitive Technology touch sensors, Zytronic, launched its Hybrid Touch technology, fully integrating touch and physical controls into the sensor’s active area. Zytronic’s hybrid touch allows tactile buttons or mechanical dials to be incorporated in and around the active area of the projected capacitive touchscreen and which are connected invisibly through the viewable area of the screen...

27th November 2018
Higher drive for touch controllers transforms the user interface

Human Machine Interfaces (HMI’s) used in hazardous or industrial applications have a difficult life, and their designers face many challenges when integrating interactive technologies into these systems. A new generation of touch controllers will transform the design of industrial projected capacitive (p-cap) touchscreens, with technical innovations that deliver better performance and functionality than before. 

22nd October 2018
Secure PIN entry through large format touch screens

Zytronic new version of its rugged, customised touch screens is now available to support secure PIN entry applications via their development partner, Cryptera. The new PCI PTS compliant product, named CryptoTouch Unattended has been co-developed with Cryptera.

19th June 2018
Touch sensors set the standard for speed in noisy environments

Touch sensors from Zytronic are setting a new benchmark for speed, accuracy and performance of touch interfaces in electrically noisy and other demanding industrial environments with the launch of its new ZXY500 family of multi-touch controllers. As with all its products, Zytronic can offer the new controllers with custom design touch sensors manufactured to a customer size and specification with no Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).

27th September 2017
Smart city interactive kiosks launched in The Netherlands

  Provider of custom designed, durable Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT and MPCT) touch sensors, Zytronic, and Citybeacon have announced the deployment of 25 interactive kiosks in Eindhoven, cradle of Dutch technology giant Philips, and of the Eindhoven University of Technology. Eindhoven is an energetic and innovative city located in the South of the Netherlands.

20th July 2017
Touch, see, smell and taste this self-service pizza

Provider of durable, high performance Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT and MPCT) touch sensors, Zytronic, has announced that its touch sensors are being used in the ADIAL PIZZADOOR, a self-service vending machine retailing high quality pizzas for the notoriously discerning French palate. ADIAL has manufactured pizza vending machines since 2002, and its original design used mechanical selection buttons alongside a colour LCD screen to present ...

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