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6th September 2022
Rugged touchscreen tech for low-power LCD displays

The 43-inch INFORM range of touchscreens includes fixed and mobile interactive totems plus wall-mounted displays for airports, railway stations, and more. The units take advantage of Zytronic’s highly durable multitouch projected capacitive touch (MPCT) technology supplied via its UK distributor Display Technology Ltd.

1st March 2022
Zytronic gives Taiwanese integrated display manufacturer the magic touch

Advanced display manufacturer Innolux had been searching for different haptic solutions for its touch displays to enrich the user experience.

18th January 2022
Interactive video wall technology with multitouch transition

Touch technology innovator Zytronic introduces the ZyBrid edge touch sensor technology, developed to create stunning multi-screen interactive video walls and tables.

16th September 2021
Hong Kong’s City Gallery uses Zytronic’s multitouch technology

Despite its reputation as one of the most fast-moving economies in the world, much planning goes into the development of Hong Kong’s densely populated land space. The City Gallery, which is managed by the planning department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government, showcases the vision of the region’s planning projects, both past and present. It also acts as a platform on which to engage and inform the public...

1st June 2021
Custom touch technology enables a fun new facet to socialising

The fast-moving hospitality industry is always looking for novel ways to differentiate their brands while increasing ROI and loyalty based on enhanced customer experiences. Raising the standard of innovation, Litemax’s latest interactive circular 33” display is an eye-catching resized LCD suitable for use in bar tables installed in cafes and restaurants.

5th March 2021
ElectroglaZ brings transparent power delivery

Zytronic has introduced an innovative method of delivering power through glass invisibly. Called ElectroglaZ, this patent-pending technology hopes to open up new opportunities for low power devices and applications without using wires.

7th January 2021
Multitouch projected capacitive technology introduced

Zytronic has announced its patented multitouch projected capacitive technology (MPCT) has been selected by Ideum, for its next-generation Pano Duo 49” interactive touch table. One of the first deployments is at the Röntgen Museum in Remscheid, Germany, where visitors can view and interact with both terrestrial and celestial objects and learn about the different wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum.

8th December 2020
Transparent OLED receives multitouch upgrade from Zytronic

Development, systems integration and software specialist, SOLIDSENSE was set the challenge to create an impressive touch installation for a major trade fair demonstration. Through the use of Zytronic’s patented projected capacitive technology (MPCT) combined with its proprietary controller technology, a multitouch, super-slim, interactive transparent OLED (tOLED) display was created that is unparalleled in the Audio Visu...

16th November 2020
Are touchscreens transforming our approach to healthcare?

The healthcare sector is constantly changing – and there is no time this has been truer than now. Touchscreens are a key part of how this change is occurring in the healthcare sector; here Zytronic has looked at some of the major ways touchscreen technology is impacting healthcare and discovered the following.

10th November 2020
Zytronic wins prestigious contract in Thailand

Zytronic has announced its patented Multitouch Projected Capacitive Technology (MPCT) with object recognition has been selected for integration into interactive tables in Thailand. The 55” touchscreen, which is being used as a real-estate marketing asset in Bangkok, enables property buyers to virtually visit apartments at Singha Estates’ prestigious ESSE Asoke condominium development.

20th October 2020
Touch tech to enhance visitor experience in downtown Greensboro

Zytronic’s all-weather projected capacitive touch sensors have helped the city of Greensboro breathe new life into its downtown area. The durable interactive technology has provided the user interface to thirteen double-sided, 55” public information terminals, which look and work like giant sized smartphones. The North Carolina municipality deployed the kiosks to give timely information to passers-by, such as nearby restaurants, local...

6th October 2020
Adding a third dimension to touch with its ZyBrid hover

Touch technology innovator Zytronic has released a contactless sensing option that can detect user interactions up to 30mm away from the surface of the glass. Based upon the company’s fully customisable ZyBrid touch sensors, and developed entirely at its UK R&D and manufacturing facility, ZyBrid hover has been designed to assist manufacturers of self-service kiosks in their efforts to reassure customers nervous about touching ...

24th August 2020
Vending machines use touch technology to double capacity

Today, there are about 15 million vending machines installed worldwide, enabling retailers to sell practically anything 24 hours a day, and all-year-round. When engineers from PharmaShop24 were looking at how they could fit more product lines into their self-service vending machines, they decided to go digital by switching to an interactive user interface. After lengthy research, the touchscreens they finally selected were based on Zytronic&...

28th July 2020
Advances in the product design of touchscreens

We live in a world that expects every display to be interactive. When a child approaches a screen in a shopping mall, they instinctively touch it, and are surprised if it doesn’t react. Touchscreens are now a natural part of our everyday lives – from smartphones and tablet computers to ticket machines and self-service check outs.

30th June 2020
Helping museum to bring smart agriculture to life

When the farm meets smart technology (smart agriculture), what will it look like? With the advent of the IoT, ‘Big Data’ and Machine Learning, many businesses can now quickly and accurately collect and analyse information to fine tune their processes and improve productivity and quality.

3rd June 2020
Zytronic’s rugged touchscreens improve quarry efficiency

When looking to speed up the flow of trucks checking into its busy mines and quarries, Australia’s largest construction material supplier, Boral Limited, decided to apply ‘smart’ technologies. As a result, haulage drivers now use specially designed kiosks, with Zytronic’s interactive rugged touchscreens, at Boral’s incoming and outgoing weighbridges to avoid bottlenecks.

13th May 2020
Creating touchscreen displays for retail

If you’re an OEM producing display products for retailers, you’re going to be facing a somewhat new challenge: the incorporation of touchscreen technology into retail advertisement displays. As more consumers than ever grow accustomed to touch being a standard luxury in personal electronics, Point Of Sales(P.O.S) displays in stores now face the burden of bringing  high level, touch-enabled performance to a harsher environment.

6th May 2020
Touch sensor tech helps tourists visit Shinto shrines

Japan has become an increasingly popular destination for holidaymakers who value its unique culture and heritage. Japan is home to 23 World Heritage Sites, ranging from beautiful lakes, stunning waterfalls and lush bamboo forests, to serene Shinto shrines and tranquil temples.

28th April 2020
Touchscreen hygiene in the age of COVID-19

With the Coronavirus crisis continuing in the UK and worldwide, many are rightfully looking to ways they can minimise the risk of the virus spreading in public places, such as supermarkets, train stations and petrol station forecourts. Many such locations now depend upon self-service touchscreens and anxiety over their use is on the rise.

31st March 2020
Configurable capacitive interface for rugged applications

Touch technology specialist Zytronic has extended its capability and can now work closely with customers to design and manufacture projected capacitive interfaces that combine a ‘traditional’ dynamic touch area with surrounding capacitive keys.

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