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Test & Measurement
2nd June 2015
Touchscreen enhances power analyzer

Applications for power analysis are as varied as the uses of electricity itself, and the utilized instruments need to take this variety into account. The resulting multitude of features challenges the user to quickly single out the desired settings and results among an abundance of available information.

Test & Measurement
28th August 2014
Software meets latest power test standards

ZES ZIMMER’s latest CE compliance test solution is the LMG Test Suite. It tests in accordance with the currently valid version of EN 61000-3-2/-12 or EN 61000-3/-11 and also supports measurements per ECE R-10.4 Annex 11 (e.g. electromagnetic compatibility of vehicles). The software is available for download to customers as free demo version or full version.

Test & Measurement
18th June 2014
Power analyser measures narrowband, full spectrum simultaneously

ZES Zimmer says that its LMG670 precision power analyser means users no longer have to choose between narrow band and full spectrum values. This analyser enables both to become available at the same time. As precise power analysis plays an ever-growing role, in electric vehicle research and variable frequency drive applications the fundamental and the full spectrum often have to be measured simultaneously.

6th August 2013
New high precision zero flux current sensors

Without the right equipment, precision power measurements can cause problems and delays. The LMG series precision power analysers from ZES ZIMMER offer an attractive solution. Current sensors are needed to measure high currents, which divide the current by a fixed ratio. To meet these needs ZES ZIMMER has also introduced the new DS200 and DS600 current sensors based on the zero flux technology.

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