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1st August 2022
Moving forward with the AIoT

Artificial intelligence is not just a trend, but trendy. The concept, and the handily vague term ‘smart’, have been used to unconvincingly promote a range of products that are claimed to have gained sentience – whether it’s our cars, our homes, or even our appliances. Aneet Chopra, VP Business Development, Marketing & Product Management, XMOS discusses.

Artificial Intelligence
12th July 2022
Demand for on-device processing continuing to rise for product engineers

75% of engineers are seeing demands for on-device processing grow year-on-year – despite the fact that 73% already have “high/very high” requirements – according to new research from processing specialist XMOS.

14th May 2021
AIoT momentum building as technical challenges ease

Almost all challenges to the nascent artificial intelligence of things (AIoT) market have become easier to overcome over the past year thanks to significant advances in chip technology, a new XMOS research report surveying electronics engineers has concluded.

Artificial Intelligence
8th October 2020
XMOS software development kit for AIoT

XMOS has announced its all-new software development kit (SDK) for the artificial intelligence of things (AIoT). Incorporating TensorFlowLite for Microcontroller development tools, the SDK is designed to harness’s versatility and make it easier for engineers to develop connected products that can sense, think, decide and act.

5th August 2020
XMOS firmware release for its XVF3510 voice processor

XMOS has announced new firmware variants, supporting USB and built-in applications of its XVF3510 voice processor. Designed to address the rapidly evolving demands of the far-field voice market, the XVF3510 opens the door to voice-enabled smart products, delivering high performance at a low eBOM.

19th May 2020
Electronics engineers struggle to balance device performance with cost

New research from XMOS finds that electronics engineers are struggling to increase the processing capabilities of electronic devices without costs spiralling out of control.

1st May 2020
Data security the $3tn AIoT challenge

Data security is the biggest challenge to the $3 trillion artificial intelligence of things (AIoT) market, according to new research from XMOS. Nearly half (45%) of the electronics engineers surveyed believe that data security and autonomy present the biggest risks to the AIoT revolution more than bandwidth (38%), latency (32%), scalability (24%) and cloud infrastructure limitations (24%).

14th October 2019
XMOS secures $19m funding to accelerate growth

XMOS, a Bristol-based technology company, has announced the completion of a new $19m financing round, fuelling the company’s global growth, consolidating its technical leadership in far-field voice interfaces and developing a new product roadmap for the artificial intelligence of things (AIoT).

23rd July 2019
Driving the voice-enabled TV market forward

XMOS has announced its VocalFusion dev kit for Amazon AVS, a far-field 2-mic solution optimised for smart TVs and set-top boxes. The new dev kit is based on the XMOS XVF3510 voice processor, which delivers big performance, enabling manufacturers to embed a voice interface into mass-market smart TVs and set-top boxes economically.

1st May 2018
Duo announce new partnership serving China and Taiwan

  Supplier of advanced embedded voice and audio solutions, XMOS has announced a new partnership with Weikeng, serving China and Taiwan. This partnership underlines the rapidly increasing demand for interfaces that enable people to control electronc devices the natural way - with their voice. 

16th April 2018
Voice interface solutions designed for IoT and consumer electronics

Supplier of advanced embedded voice and audio solutions to the consumer electronics market, XMOS has announced that they will be showcasing their portfolio of VocalFusion true stereo voice capture solutions for far-field voice-enabled stereo smart TVs, soundbars, and set-top boxes at Computex 2018, Taipei, 5th-9th June 2018. XMOS will also be previewing their next generation VocalSorceryTM advanced blind source separation technology (by...

Artificial Intelligence
21st November 2017
Voice processor tech enables business conference calling

Supplier of advanced embedded voice and audio interface solutions, XMOS, has announced that its VocalFusion voice technology has been selected by Shenzhen eMeet Technology Co for its mobile smart office assistant, eMeet OfficeCore M1. This commercial solution, which is available now from online retail stores, is the first output of this partnership. The compact and portable speaker uses a USB and Bluetooth connection with a mobile phone...

5th October 2017
Powering growth in voice with $15m funding round

A specialist in voice capture solutions for the consumer electronics market, XMOS, has announced its $15m Series-E funding round. The round was led by Infineon Technologies with additional funding from existing investors Amadeus Capital Partners, Draper Esprit, Foundation Capital and Robert Bosch Venture Capital.

10th July 2017
XMOS snaps up signal separation pioneer Setem Technologies

XMOS has acquired Setem Technologies, the pioneer of Advanced Blind Source Signal Separation technology. Setem’s patented algorithms enable consumer devices to focus on specific voice or conversation within a crowded audio environment to achieve optimised input into speech recognition systems.

16th June 2017
Development kits target voice-enabled speakers

Supplier of voice solutions for IoT products, XMOS, has announced the launch of the XVF3000 family of voice processors, which provide far-field voice capture using arrays of MEMS microphones. With optional support for Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree technology, XMOS claims that the XVF3000 family provides the most flexible and cost effective always-on voice interface in a single device. XMOS also announces the availability of the VocalFusion Speak...

7th November 2016
Partnership combines embedded speech capture with voice control

A provider of voice hardware solutions, XMOS, and Sensory, a Silicon Valley company that enhances the user experience and security of consumer electronics, have announced a partnership to deliver Sensory’s TrulyHandsfreeTM voice control technology on the XMOS xCORE-VOICE far-field voice capture processing platform.

28th July 2016
Voice interfaces to unlock the potential of speech recognition

Voice interfaces are often called conversational interfaces for good reason - they allow users to talk to an embedded device instead of using touch screens and buttons to execute a command. Conversations take place between two or more people who may be next to each other but are often a couple or more metres apart.

Mixed Signal/Analog
10th May 2016
Real-time digital signal processing on the xCORE-200 architecture

Voice interfaces are increasingly popular and ubiquitous in today’s life environment, ranging from well-known teleconferencing systems to upcoming connected natural speech enabled personal assistants. Such new applications are based on a networked topology where processing is distributed on multiple nodes.

Mixed Signal/Analog
22nd March 2016
Microphone array aggregator enables smart home applications

XMOS has announced what is claimed as the world’s most flexible microphone aggregation solution for Voice User Interfaces (VUIs) in smart home applications. With the ability to aggregate up to 32 MEMS microphones, the xCORE Array Microphone offers USB and I2S backhaul, enabling a new class of array microphones to be created.

29th March 2015
X2 for XMOS

In a significant performance upgrade to its multicore MCU platform technology, XMOS has announced it can now support a Gigabit Ethernet MAC in firmware. It will be accessible through its latest generation of devices; the xCORE-200 family.

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