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9th May 2018
Duo team up to deliver mesh networking solutions for IoT

To deliver a combined hardware and software solution that unleashes the potential of multiprotocol connectivity for mesh networks, Wirepas and Silicon Labs have joined forces. Building on their relationship and success in the smart metering market, Wirepas and Silicon Labs have collaborated to create a truly concurrent multiprotocol switching solution with one ERF32 Wireless Gecko radio, enabling many use cases for connected lighting, s...

4th October 2017
Connectivity now available on Telit multifrequency radio module

  Wirepas and Telit are launching a new, Wirepas enabled, multifrequency connectivity module to the market. Wirepas Connectivity enables a scalable Wide Area Mesh on the multifrequency Telit RE866 module. The RE866 module contains two radios, allowing customers to use this module either as a Sub-GHz or 2.4GHz module.

13th July 2017
Duo offer configurable IoT gateway solution for wide area mesh

Wirepas has partnered with US-based Rigado, who offers a ready-to-run Gateway for Wirepas Connectivity. Rigado’s configurable IoT Gateway allows customers to customise a gateway solution with the exact wireless protocols, edge compute and connectivity options their use case requires. The Rigado gateway options include low power wireless routing and packet forwarding to the cloud as well as onboard processing capabilities.

9th March 2017
Sensor beacons offer easy to use IoT module

In order to enable secure, scalable and flexible IoT solutions, Fujitsu and Wirepas have partnered together. The high-quality Fujitsu sensor beacons with Wirepas Connectivity offer an easy-to-use, connected module for various IoT application areas, such as healthcare, industrial automation and smart building. With the Wirepas Connectivity protocol, Fujitsu is now able to offer ready-to-go solutions for various IoT applications – for ex...

11th November 2016
Wirepas and m2ocity partner for Smart City IoT applications

Wirepas and m2ocity, the leading French IoT operator, have partnered to provide scalable and reliable connectivity for Smart City applications, such as Smart Street Lighting. m2ocity is constantly looking for and testing new leading edge technologies. They have been satisfied with the results obtained with Wirepas Connectivity. "We conducted a joint proof of concept project where we were impressed by the results".

19th October 2016
Wirepas Network Tool enables real-time monitoring of device networks

Wirepas has launched the Wirepas Network Tool that enables easy monitoring and visualisation of Wirepas enabled device networks. With the Network Tool, the connected devices can be mapped, the structure of the network analysed and diagnostic parameters visualised over time. As all the Wirepas Connectivity intelligence is in the network, the devices decide the best actions by themselves locally - no central network management is needed.

19th September 2016
Ultra-low power modules provide solution for large IoT applications

Wirepas and Telit, an industry leader in end-to end IoT have partnered to bring new, Wirepas enabled, ultra-low power connectivity modules to the market. Together, the two companies are targeting large-scale IoT applications such as asset tracking, smart lighting and logistics.

25th August 2016
Small sensors utilise Wirepas Connectivity

Haltian’s IoT platform expanded with small sensors. Consisting of the Thingsee gateway, the platform also entails the Thingsee POD and TAG sensors. The sensors can be used for tracking and monitoring assets, goods and people in a completely new, and a far more cost-effective manner. The Thingsee router delivers the data collected from the sensors directly to the client’s back-end systems via a mobile connection.

22nd August 2016
Wirepas & u-blox partner for scalable IIoT solutions

Wirepas and u-blox have partnered to offer an advanced decentralised radio communications solution (comparable with advanced mesh technology) for demanding (IIoT) Industrial IoT applications. The IoT industry is still quite young and fragmented, making deployment of IIoT applications slow and complex for the end customers. The goal of u-blox and Wirepas is to make large scale, decentralised IIoT networks easy to deploy for their customers.

1st June 2016
The rise of autonomous device networks

The IoT for industries is transforming both the consumer and the business landscape, offering tremendous opportunities for agile suppliers. However, businesses founded on connectivity across devices, geographies, applications and services require diversity in business models. Each industry and company will need a customised approach to connectivity based on its unique requirement.

19th February 2016
Wirepas launches a dedicated connectivity product for beacons

Wirepas is extending its product portfolio to a new application area - beacons. The new product is based on the unique Wirepas Connectivity protocol, and it is optimised to fulfill the needs of various beacon use cases. Beacons are a fast growing application area within the device connectivity and IoT markets. Beacons have several use cases in retail, transportation and events for example.

16th November 2015
Wirepas joins ARM mbed ecosystem

Wirepas has joined the ARMmbed Partner ecosystem. Finnish based Wirepas provides advanced wireless communication solutions for connecting devices to the Internet. Wirepas PINO is highly scalable, energy-efficient and fully self-configuring network protocol. With PINO customers can create wireless multi-hop mesh networks for most demanding applications and realise the full potential the IoT has to offer.

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