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25th June 2013
Real-Time Virtualization Software To Advance NFV And Cloud Initiatives

Wind River announce the introduction of Wind River Open Virtualization Profile to deliver high performance, open-source, real-time kernel virtualization technologies for next generation telecommunications equipment as well as network functions virtualization and cloud advancements.

25th June 2013
Wind River Delivers Real-Time Virtualization Software to Advance NFV and Cloud Initiatives

Wind River has developed Wind River Open Virtualization Profile to deliver high performance, open-source, real-time kernel virtualization technologies for next generation telecommunications equipment as well as network functions virtualization and cloud advancements. The telecommunications industry is facing challenges from the exponential increase in data traffic generated by the flood of devices connecting to an increasingly strained network.

29th May 2013
Wind River Advances Open Source Innovation for Automotive with iOS Connectivity for Linux IVI Systems

Wind River has introduced Wind River Connectivity Solution Accelerator for Linux, which allows consumers to connect their iOS devices to Linux-based in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems.

23rd May 2013
Wind River Extends Multicore Capabilities for Industry-Leading VxWorks

Wind River today announced extended multicore capabilities for its industry-leading VxWorks real-time operating system. VxWorks has expanded multicore operating system support for the latest Intel, Freescale, and ARM processors, and supports key high performance interfaces required by next generation intelligent systems.

24th April 2013
Wind River Introduces Security Software for Android Devices

Wind River has introduced three Wind River Solution Accelerators for Android Security that allow developers to quickly begin working on security requirements for Android-based devices. The new software offerings enhance Android-based device security with advancements around Security Enhanced Android, partitioning and secure boot processes. Highlights from each module include the following:

23rd April 2013
Wind River Introduces VxWorks MILS Platform Conformant to Separation Kernel Protection Profile

Wind River has introduced the latest version of Wind River VxWorks MILS Platform, a secure separation kernel that is compliant to the Separation Kernel Protection Profile. Part of the Wind River portfolio of trusted systems, the Type 1 hypervisor–based, multiple independent levels of security platform is ready for use in security-critical systems that may require system-level high assurance evaluation or certification and accreditation.

2nd April 2013
Wind River Introduces Yocto Project Compatible Carrier Grade Linux

Wind River has introduced the Wind River Linux Carrier Grade Profile for the latest version of Wind River Linux. Formally registered for the CGL 5.0 specification with the Linux Foundation, the profile is the first delivery of Carrier Grade Linux functionalities on top of a Yocto Project Compatible product. With Wind River Linux as a base, the Wind River Linux CG Profile gives customers a turnkey platform that allows them to meet their CGL requir...

26th February 2013
Wind River Joins OSADL to Advance Linux in Embedded and Industrial Designs

Wind River has joined the Open Source Automation Development Lab (OSADL). With its membership, Wind River will collaborate with other OSADL members to further promote and support Linux solutions for the embedded and industrial markets.

23rd January 2013
Wind River Develops Software Platform For Hyundai MOBIS In-Vehicle Infotainment Systems

Wind River today announced its partnership with Hyundai MOBIS, a leader in auto parts in Korea, for in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems. IVI systems provide entertainment services and features such as movies, games and social networking, radio and CD play, as well as GPS, mobile connectivity, and external communication through in-vehicle devices and applications.

2nd January 2013
NASA Relies on Wind River Simulation Technology for Long-Term Cost Savings

Wind River has announced that NASA's Independent Verification and Validation Program is using Wind River Simics, a full system simulator, for its high-fidelity simulator product, GO-SIM. NASA's IV&V Program was founded as part of NASA’s strategy to provide the highest achievable levels of safety and cost-effectiveness for mission-critical software. Because its primary business includes software test and verification, software simulation...

17th December 2012
Wind River Drives 15% Reduction in Development Cycle Time and Costs for Olympus Surgical

Wind River has announced that Olympus Surgical chose Wind River Platform for Medical Devices and Wind River Test Management to help reduce development cycle time and costs for its latest high-frequency surgical generator, the ESG-400. In addition to wanting to be first to market with the ESG-400, Olympus needed to aggressively manage costs to stay on budget; IEC 62304 certification and U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval were also required...

12th December 2012
Wind River Portfolio Chosen By Fujitsu For RAID Next-Generation Disk Storage System

Wind River announce that Fujitsu relies on VxWorks real-time operating system, Wind River Linux and Wind River Hypervisor for the development of their next generation of ETERNUS RAID disk storage systems. As the amount of data and traffic continues to explode across the enterprise, network storage capacity and connectivity needs have grown. The trend of multicore processing has also increased software complexity, often equating to rising costs.

10th December 2012
Building A Smarter Smart Grid: Counteracting Cyber-Threats In Energy Distribution

Energy providers have arrived at a new frontier. Behind them lies the existing energy delivery infrastructure, some 70% of which is more than 30 years old, making it stress prone, labour intensive, and environmentally risky. Ahead lies the promise and potential of the smart grid, the path to more efficient, less costly, cleaner, and safer energy distribution.

19th November 2012
Just What the Doctor Ordered: A Solution for Smarter Therapeutic Devices

There’s little question that advances in therapeutic technologies have been responsible for saving or prolonging countless lives. Yet any time a patient’s health or very life is at stake, there is no level of risk that can be considered acceptable. Many categories of therapeutic devices are prone to high rates of malfunction and recall.

23rd October 2012
Wind River Software Platform Addresses Challenges of Traffic Intensive Networks

Wind River has announced the release of Wind River Intelligent Network Platform, a software platform for the development of sophisticated network equipment that can accelerate and secure the flood of traffic for current and future networks.

10th October 2012
Bachmann Relies on Wind River VxWorks for Next-Generation Controller System

Wind River announced that Bachmann electronic relies on Wind River VxWorks real-time operating system and Wind River Professional Services for its next-generation controller system. Bachmann electronic’s M1 controller system, a next-generation controller, is standardized on VxWorks, and includes modules for digital and analogue I/O, network connectivity, fieldbuses, safety, and a processor module.

Test & Measurement
9th October 2012
Latest Wind River Test Management 5.0 comes with Android Software and Security Testing

Wind River has unveiled the latest version of Wind River Test Management, a fully automated software testing optimization framework that allows customers to identify high risk areas of production code, prioritize quality assurance activities and optimize engineering resources.

13th September 2012
Wind River Intelligent Device Platform for ‘Internet of Things’

Wind River today introduced Wind River Intelligent Device Platform, a complete software development environment built exclusively for machine-to-machine applications. The platform addresses the security, connectivity, and manageability required for M2M device development. By 2015, intelligent systems will account for more than one-third of the volume of all embedded systems worldwide, according to IDC.

30th August 2012
Yocto Project-Based Embedded Linux Platform from Wind River

Wind River has announced today that it has introduced the latest version of Wind River Linux, which was developed from the Yocto Project open source development infrastructure and has achieved Yocto Project Compatible registration. Built on a Yocto Project-based infrastructure, Wind River Linux helps developers rapidly implement highly interoperable, platform-independent Linux projects. Wind River Linux works with Yocto Project Compatible board s...

6th August 2012
NASA JPL's Curiosity Rover Powered by Wind River’s VxWorks

Wind River has this morning congratulated NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory on the successful landing of the Mars Science Laboratory rover Curiosity, powered by Wind River technology. Curiosity, which landed on Mars at approximately 10:31 p.m. PDT, August 5, 2012, is the most complex robotic interplanetary probe ever designed. It is running on Wind River's industry-leading real-time operating system, VxWorks.

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