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24th March 2021
Cloud-to-device solution for over-the-air firmware updates

Winbond Electronics, Nuvoton, and Qinglianyun have introduced a fully integrated reference design for secure over-the-air (OTA) firmware updating of IoT devices which is secured from the cloud to the device’s code storage memory.

2nd February 2021
Winbond and Flex Logic collaborate for edge AI

Winbond Electronics has revealed that its low-power, high-performance LPDDR4X DRAM technology is supporting the latest in edge AI computing from Flex Logix for demanding Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications such as object recognition.

14th January 2021
Embedded 64Mb HyperRAM DRAM for AI edge computing

Winbond Electronics has announced that FPGA manufacturer Gowin Semiconductor has embedded a Winbond 64Mb HyperRAM fast memory device in its new GoAI 2.0 machine learning platform. GoAI 2.0 is a complete, new hardware and software solution for machine learning applications.

17th December 2020
LPDDR3 DRAM in AI image-processing SoC

Winbond Electronics has announced that a high-performance, low-power Winbond 1Gb LPDDR3 DRAM product has achieved another success in high bandwidth memory with Tsing Micro latest artificial intelligence (AI) system-on-chip (SoC).

12th November 2020
W75F secure memory gets boosted safety credentials

Winbond Electronics has announced that its W75F, a Secure Flash memory device with Common Criteria EAL5+ certificate, has now achieved the ISO26262 ASIL Grade D safety certification. For automotive market, the W75F Secure Memory is compliant with the AEC-Q100 and is now officially certified ASIL-D.

16th June 2020
Winbond QspiNAND Flash for 9205 LTE modem

Winbond Electronics has announced a new version of QspiNAND Flash designed for use with the Qualcomm(r) 9205 LTE Modem. The 1.8V, 512Mbits (64Mega Bytes) QspiNAND Flash from Winbond Electronics offers the right density for designers of New Cellular NB-IoT Modules.

10th June 2020
Winbond launch of HyperRAM WLCSP for wearables

Winbond Electronics Corporation has announced the introduction of new HyperRAM products with WLCSP, which reaches an unprecedented thin form factor in embedded applications. HyperBus technology was first published by Cypress in 2014. Compared to the transmission and control interface of other memory, one of the characteristics of the HyperBus interface is the low pin count, which makes the circuit board layout simpler and the wiring area relative...

2nd June 2020
Sequential read function in high-speed QspiNAND Flash

Winbond Electronics has extended its record of innovation in specialty Flash memory with the introduction of a more flexible, high-speed read capability in its latest QspiNAND Flash products.

30th April 2020
LPDDR3 DRAM memory from Winbond for AIoT

Winbond Electronics has revealed strong growth in opportunities for deployment of its innovative 1Gb LPDDR3 DRAM memory in a new generation of products which draw on new artificial intelligence (AI), display and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

10th March 2020
Out-of-the-box solution for supply chain security

Winbond Electronics Corporation and Karamba Security have announced secure flash memory chips with integrated runtime integrity for automotive ECUs and IoT connected consumer, industrial devices and supply chain security.

26th February 2020
Partnership for embedded cyber security

Secure-IC has announced a collaboration with Winbond to enhance embedded cyber security for software in automotive and other connected industries. Under the partnership, Secure-IC will offer an enhanced security platform that supports the whole security lifecycle in complementary fashion with the use of Winbond TrustME Secure Flash Memory.

25th February 2020
Memory chips offer end-to-end security for IoT devices

The family of certified TrustME Secure Flash memory chips from Winbond Electronics has been extended with the W77Q series which targets IoT and smart connected consumer and industrial devices.

2nd December 2019
Winbond and Karamba Security partner for embedded cyber security

Karamba Security has announced a collaboration with Winbond Electronics Corporation to enhance embedded software security in automotive and other connected industries. OEMs and tier ones use Karamba’s embedded cyber security solutions for connected systems to protect their software and reduce vulnerability exposures.

30th October 2019
HyperRAM addresses new AIoT application needs

With the rapid rise of automotive electronics, industrial 4.0, and smart home applications, new IoT edge devices and human-machine interface devices will require new functionality in terms of size, power consumption, and performance. In view of this, many MCU suppliers are developing new-generation MCUs with higher performance and lower power consumption to meet the market demand.  

7th August 2019
Compact dual-die memory chip supports NXP

Winbond Electronics has announced that its SpiStack dual-die NOR+NAND code storage product has been included on NXP Semiconductors FRWY-LS1012A board for use with its Layerscape LS1012A communications processor.

1st July 2019
Accelerated roll-out of 5G CPE modems with multi-chip package

Winbond Electronics has announced the launch of a new 1.8V 2Gb+2Gb NAND Flash and LPDDR4x memory product in a compact 8.0x9.5x0.8mm multi-chip package (MCP). The new W71NW20KK1KW product, combines robust Single Level Cell (SLC) NAND Flash and high-speed, low-power LPDDR4x memory.

28th June 2018
Reliable, lower cost alternative for automotive displays

The introduction of a High-Performance Serial NAND Flash memory IC has been announced by Winbond Electronics Corporation. The product offers a new high data-transfer rate of 83MB/s via a Quad Serial Peripheral Interface (QSPI).

2nd March 2018
NAND Flash provides new pathway to higher density code memory

At the recent embedded world exhibition, Winbond Electronics Corporation, a supplier of semiconductor memory solutions, unveiled a new class of NAND Flash ICs which offer high quality and long data retention suitable for use in mission critical code storage applications at densities of 512Mb (64MBytes) and above.

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