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24th January 2018
New website provides industry with a wide range of content

Now presenting a new website ‘’ the Electronic Displays Centre’s new site is up and available immediately. The site combines core topics, services and above all troubleshooting solutions all around displays. In addition, manufacturers, distributors, system integrators and other professionals in the display industry can find numerous technical articles and presentations in a large download area. The aim of the web...

19th July 2017
New service introduced for interdisciplinary operations on displays

The measurement of light and colour analysis, or Licomet as the acronym reads (light and colour measurement), on one hand stands for a multitude of interdisciplinary, technical services for current and upcoming embedded display solutions and HMIs (human machine interfaces). However, on the other it stands for trouble shooting such as technical analysis, documentation and bug fixing.

11th July 2017
Showing what is rarely noticed with coated touch displays

Within all different industries, touch displays are exposed to their own influences, including dirt, water and bacteria. Adapted functional coatings therefore have a role to play. However, it is not done with a coating alone. New interdependencies arise between system and components, which must be re-examined in their entire impact on each other. The Electronic Display Center shows what is too often ignored.

18th May 2017
Serving growing demand for troubleshooting displays

It’s not a coincidence that display manufacturers and distributors are increasingly struggling with troubleshooting. Throughout all industries and areas of application, industrially used displays fail more and more frequently in the field. This is shown by an evaluation of the electronic display centre. The technology park is a network of high-tech companies in the field of applied physics, from basic physical research to software deve...

27th April 2017
Electronic displays centre grows as new machines expand portfolio

The Electronic DisplaysCentre is currently growing as the company, Wammes & Partner has had new large machines installed. Together with its associated team, it is extending the possibilities in the Electronic Display Centre to include additional processes in the areas of high vacuum (room temperature to high temperature), organic and inorganic coatings as well as solid state processes with high frequency activation.

5th April 2017
When trial and error results in total damage

Clumsy purchasing decisions have far-reaching consequences in all areas of display manufacturing, whether its quality assurance, tools or analogous processes, according to Klaus Wammes, Managing Director of Wammes and Partner. The expert in development and troubleshooting of displays and flat screens for extreme applications are relying on his experience gained from own orders as well as on the results of German and Asian universities.

21st March 2017
Important planning processes to indemnify display’s functionality

Often displays can fail when manufacturers go by the motto ‘a little bit cheaper, a little bit less of that’. Klaus Wammes, Managing Director of Wammes & Partner is monitoring an ever-increasing failure rate for displays. As general specifications are lacking, manufacturers are often technically arbitrary and only cost-driven by their selection and composition of the components.

16th November 2016
Troubleshooting provided for display failure errors

The increasing pressure on the purchasing department significantly reduces the quality of displays. This is shown by an analysis by Wammes and Partner. The German company is recognised for production of electronic flat displays and therefore is increasingly providing troubleshooting services. For this purpose, it has been investigating orders for the last three years.

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