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16th July 2018
Sensor packs twice the signal density into a 7mm footprint

  A sensor terminal block from WAGO fits double the signal density into a smaller space on the DIN rail while reducing cabling requirements. Two signals can be connected to each 7mm wide TOPJOB S sensor terminal block, providing a 3.5mm signal density in a more robust housing.

8th June 2017
SMD PCB terminals improve designing and wiring of LED modules

Two SMD PCB terminal block variants from WAGO offer engineers unrivalled flexibility while maximising time savings and minimising space. Used with LED modules and optical systems, the 2075 Series and 2065 Series incorporate push-wire connection for quick, hands-free wiring. The 2075 Series through-board SMD PCB terminal block allows installers to connect conductors on the back of the LED modules, vertically to the PCB, while maximising space...

8th June 2017
Compact I/O system saves floor space at Airflow Air Academy

Ventilation specialist Airflow has been able to maximise the area for products and training at its new showroom following a 50% reduction in space required for building services. Using WAGO’s compact controllers and I/O modules for control and monitoring of the DALI lighting and underfloor heating across the facility, meant that system integrator, Accurro, could build a cabinet half the size of that originally anticipated. This re...

1st February 2017
Cost-effective power supply ranges suit more applications

  Two power supply ranges have been announced by WAGO which provide additional functionality to suit a wider range of applications such as vending, slot and coffee machines, as well as heating controls and ventilation systems.

18th August 2016
Fieldbus controllers suit PLC programming & process visualization

WAGO Corporation's PFC family of controllers offers advanced compact, computing power for PLC programming and process visualization. Programmable in accordance with IEC 61131-3 600, PFC controllers feature a 600 MHz ARM Cortex A8 processor that offers high speed processing and support of 64 bit variables.

18th August 2016
221 mounting carriers offer installation flexibility

  WAGO has announced that its 221-500 mounting carriers provide a secure fit for 221 LEVER-NUTS compact splicing connectors on DIN-rail systems. 221-500 mounting carriers simplify access to and assignment of connected conductors.

12th July 2016
Free online 3D tool allows design of custom terminal block assemblies

The free web tool that enables users to quickly and safely design custom terminal block carrier rails, smartDESIGNER, is drawing on over 12,000 WAGO electrical interconnect and automation components from an interactive catalogue. Completed designs can be ordered directly from within the program, eliminating the need to spend time searching online or through catalogues for the right products.

22nd April 2013
WAGO WLAN Ethernet Gateways

As substitutes for Ethernet cabling, WAGO’s new IP65 WLAN Wireless Ethernet Gateways economize machine-to-machine networking. WAGO’s WEG devices replace Ethernet network cables by pairing with each other or an Access Point of the same radio technology.

16th April 2013
WAGO DC-DC Boost Converter

WAGO Corporation’s 2.5A DC-DC Boost Converter supports “disconnected” mobile and remote I/O applications by enabling a 12 V battery to drive 24 V controls. Initially developed by WAGO’s Engineering Services division for restaurant service trucks, the DIN-rail mount DC-DC Boost Converter withstands high-vibrations and constant on/off cycles. A -40°C to +70°C operating range makes it suitable for remote I/O applicati...

15th April 2013
WAGO SD Card-Equipped Media Redundancy Controller

WAGO’s new 750-885 Media Redundancy Controller provides applications with network redundancy and greater data processing. The ETHERNET 2.0 750-885 PLC features two redundant networks backed by dual, independent Ethernet interfaces and 1MB of data memory.

13th March 2013
WAGO picoMAX PCB Pluggable Connector System

A shortened current path, minimal voltage drop and vibration-resistance up to 20 g enable WAGO Corporation’s picoMAX to change the price-to-performance ratio for PCB applications. The Pluggable Connection System employs a dual-purpose spring design that applies the force of one CAGE CLAMPS contact spring for superior connector integrity and connection strength.

13th March 2013
WAGO SPEEDWAY Sercos-Compatible I/O Modules

WAGO Corporation’s SPEEDWAY 767 I/O-SYSTEM features three Sercos-Compatible modules with hardware delay times of less than 10ms. The 767-3806 8DI, 767-4808 8DO (0.1A) and 767-5401 DIO (0.2A) modules are engineered for the “hard, real-time” requirements of motion control-based automation.

13th March 2013
WAGO Free Customer I/O Training Schedule

WAGO Corporation is hosting free, three-day Customer I/O Training seminars: March 19–21, May 7–9, June 25–27, October 1–3 and November 5–7. Held at WAGO’s Milwaukee-area headquarters, product managers and experts discuss control theory, hardware, network topologies and WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM functionality.

3rd June 2011
WAGO Bluetooth® ETHERNET Gateway

WAGO Corporation’s new 758-915 Bluetooth® ETHERNET Gateway wirelessly transfers ETHERNET protocols, such as PROFINET, MODBUS/TCP or EtherNet/IP via Bluetooth® 2.0. Replacing communication lines between two automation systems, 758-915 features a 400 meter range courtesy of an international, license-free 2.4–2.480 GHz ISM band. This is ideal for mobile applications or those where cable-based data transmission would be too costly...

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