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18th September 2020
ESA launches a small satellite carrying VTT’s remote sensing technology

The European Space Agency (ESA) has launched 42 tiny satellites aboard a Vega rocket. It took off from ESA’s launch site in French Guiana on 2nd September local time. One of the launched nanosatellites, PICASSO, carries remote sensing technology developed and built by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. It will be used to take scientific measurements in the upper layers of the atmosphere.

15th May 2020
Profitably recovering critical metals from low-grade ore

Critical metals and economically significant metals, such as cobalt and nickel, can be recovered profitably from metal refining wastes as well as ores with lower than usual concentrations. This was demonstrated by an EU project coordinated by VTT, which developed new and combined existing recovery methods.

15th January 2020
Dedicated photonics pilot-line for medical diagnostics

The European Commission has decided to expand the existing photonics pilot-line offering by funding the establishment of MedPhab pilot-line under Horizon 2020, the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. Photonics is based on combining optics and electronics, and it enables various medical applications from diagnostic devices to instruments for treatment. 

2nd December 2019
Extensive co-operation to advance circular economy

Companies and research institutes involved in the development of electronics and optics will begin co-operation under the leadership of VTT. The objective of the two-year research and development project funded by Business Finland is to create recyclable and compostable electronics and optics that use renewable resources.

30th January 2019
Finland races for development of autonomous systems

The global market for autonomous systems is growing quickly: an estimated €76bn will be spent on robotics by 2025. To keep pace with this development, Finland is launching RAAS, a new innovation ecosystem for autonomous systems. The aim is for RAAS to grow into one of the world’s leading development environments. 

21st January 2019
More efficient mining with innovative multi sensor technology

A new sensor fusion technique based on X-ray and 3D imaging promises improvements to the 3D modelling of mineral resources and more efficient sorting of precious metals. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) is coordinating the sensor development process through an EU project called X-Mine in collaboration with businesses, international research institutions and mining lobbies.

21st January 2019
Components developed for gas sensors based on Mid-IR spectroscopy

  In a H2020-project MIREGAS, Technical Research Centre of Finland VTT and Tampere University of Technology teams with European partners, developed novel components for miniaturised gas sensors exploiting the principle of Mid-IR absorption spectroscopy. In particular.

3rd January 2019
Nanosatellites to change how we manage climate change

A Finnish nanosatellite has now reached space equipped with what is reported to be the world’s smallest infrared hyperspectral camera. The photos with infrared data taken from the satellite provide new solutions for monitoring and managing the effects of climate change. 

21st June 2018
Robot car parks fully autonomous

The robot car Marilyn from VTT is currently undergoing tests on fully autonomous parking in the area furthest from its driver, at a distance of up to 100m. The Internet of Things (IoT) assists the car in finding and driving into a free space. 

21st June 2018
Turning silicon photonics into a competitive asset for the electronics industry

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, together with Tampere University of Technology (TUT), has accelerated the development and commercialisation of silicon photonics products as part of the renewal of the Finnish electronics industry. With the help of silicon photonics, companies can develop increasingly compact, more efficient and more affordable products, where optical signals are used for such purposes as precise measuring, laser imaging ...

14th June 2018
Testing high-frequency signals for satellites

An ESA project, which involves investigating a new frequency band for next-generation telecommunications, is seeing participation from Reaktor Space Lab and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. As the number of satellites and the speed required for data communications increase, transition to higher frequencies is expected to become a necessity in the near future.

Cyber Security
24th May 2018
Anti-theft sticker protects your valuables without revealing their location

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Streamr have developed a prototype adhesive ID tag based on blockchain technology, which enables valuable goods to be protected without revealing their location. Possible applications include electronics, jewellery and caviar. The tag developed by Streamr and VTT is based on a smart contract, using blockchain technology, between the owner of the goods and the transport company.

Artificial Intelligence
14th May 2018
VTT Marilyn takes a leap towards automatic 24/7 driving

VTT's robot car, Marilyn, sees better than humans in foggy, and even snowy, conditions, and can now navigate without stopping – including in bad weather. It can also see a human through fog and avoid accident automatically. This is enabled by the LiDAR mounted on the car’s roof, which can see wavelengths that are beyond the human senses. As the technology evolves, this represents a step towards a safe automated vehicle that is not eve...

17th August 2015
Gas sensor connects to your phone

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a miniature gas sensor that can be connected to mobile devices. Gas measurements made with smartphones will make activities such as the detection of internal air problems easier. In addition, sleep quality will be measurable with greater precision, using mobile healthcare applications which gauge carbon dioxide quantities.

18th March 2013
Wireless charging soon available for devices smaller than mobile phones

Wireless charging will soon be available for more and more mobile phones. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is working with the industry’s leading technological companies and standardisation bodies to expand the scope of application of wireless charging technology to other, smaller portable devices, such as mobile phone accessories, wrist devices, wireless mice and sensors.

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