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12th October 2021
Volvo Trucks receives record order for electric trucks

Volvo Trucks has received an order for 100 Volvo FM electric trucks from DFDS, Northern Europe's largest shipping and logistics company. The deal is the largest commercial order to date for Volvo electric trucks, and one of the largest ever for heavy electric trucks worldwide.

21st November 2019
Electric trucks launched for sustainable urban transport

Volvo Trucks has announced the start of sales of its Volvo FL and Volvo FE electric trucks in selected markets within Europe, meeting the increasing demand for sustainable transport solutions in city environments.

13th September 2018
Future transport solution with autonomous EVs

Volvo Trucks has presented a new transport solution consisting of autonomous electric commercial vehicles that can contribute to more efficient, safer and cleaner transportation. The long-term goal is to offer companies that need continuous transport services between fixed hubs a complement to today’s offerings. Growing world population and increasing urbanisation are leading to significant challenges to solve environmental issues such...

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11th June 2018
Driver support systems take safety to the next level

Better traffic safety and enhanced working environment for drivers are expected as Volvo Trucks has introduced its new driver support systems to assist steering of heavy trucks.

9th May 2018
All-electric truck designed for heavier city distribution

  Just three weeks after the unveiling of Volvo Trucks’ first all-electric truck, the Volvo FL Electric, the company has decided to expand its product range with yet another electric truck - the Volvo FE Electric. It is designed for heavier city distribution and refuse transport operations with gross weights of up to 27 tonnes, sales of the new vehicle will commence in Europe in 2019.

9th March 2018
Tractor units chosen for refrigerated haulage duties

  Provider of temperature-controlled warehousing and logistical services to the Food Industry, Ardboe Coldstore, has recently expanded its fleet with the delivery of a new Volvo FH-500 tractor unit supplied by Dennison Commercials.

22nd February 2018
Human safety at the centre of pioneering automation work

  The steady advance of vehicle automation enables new possibilities for the transport industry and society as a whole. Volvo Trucks has been at the forefront of this evolution for well over two decades. A newly released two-part film presents the Volvo Trucks view on how automation is set to transform the way we live and work in the coming years.

23rd January 2018
High demand for less trucks in urban peak hour traffic

Next year, Volvo Trucks will start selling electric trucks in Europe, with the first units being put into operation with selected reference customers later this year. Electric trucks drastically reduce noise and exhaust emissions and will open up new ways to manage logistics. More goods will then be carried at night, meaning fewer trucks need to compete for road space during peak daytime hours.

19th December 2017
Enhancing comfort and reliability

To provide sufficient power for all in-cab functions while also reducing the risk of standstill due to discharged batteries, Volvo Trucks has introduced a new battery system for its FH and FM ranges. “Drivers can enjoy improved comfort and living conditions, knowing that they have enough power for their needs, with minimal risk of draining all the power from the starter batteries,” said Samuel Nerdal, Product Manager Electrical a...

27th September 2017
What is the best alternative long-haul fuel?

By replacing diesel with liquefied natural gas or biogas, CO2 emissions from heavy trucks can be drastically reduced. Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is used primarily in industrial operations, but it has excellent prerequisites for being a competitive vehicle fuel with considerable environmental benefits. This is the opinion of Volvo Trucks, which is now intensifying its development of gas-powered trucks for heavy regional and long haul operati...

5th July 2017
Britons agree on the importance of lorries to everyday life

A new survey found that 92% of Britons recognise the role lorries play in the smooth running of everyday life, and the majority of Britons (76%) believe that all road users have a part to play in making the roads a safer place. Commissioned by Volvo Trucks, this survey was aimed at better understanding the public’s perception of safety issues in relation to lorries. Survey respondents ranged from car, van and lorry drivers, to motorcyc...

19th May 2017
Automated systems contribute to safer rubbish collection

Together with Swedish waste management company Renova, Volvo Trucks is currently testing and researching how automated vehicles can contribute to safer, more efficient refuse handling and create a better working environment for drivers. The automated systems being tested are in principle the same as those fitted to the autonomous Volvo truck operating in the Kristineberg Mine in northern Sweden since autumn 2016.

12th May 2017
Safety report focuses on vulnerable road users

  A new 2017 Traffic Safety Report from Volvo Trucks has found that although the number of serious road accidents involving trucks is dropping, the safety of vulnerable road users’ needs to be improved - and there are still far too few truck drivers using their seat belts.

8th May 2017
Intelligent safety system reduces risk of traffic accidents

Considerable demands are being imposed on drivers of both commercial vehicles and cars as a result of more vehicles on the roads, a faster traffic flow and a distracting stream of information. On the other hand, there have never been more opportunities for the person behind the wheel to drive more safely than there is today. The active safety systems found in many modern cars and trucks make it far easier to avoid incidents and accidents than eve...

23rd March 2017
Integrated system for services and infotainment

By combining the truck cab’s audio and entertainment unit with the navigation and fleet management systems, Volvo Trucks is aiming to create an enhanced and safer driver experience, easier navigation and more efficient fleet management.

7th March 2017
Concept vehicle in for the long haul

In a first for Volvo Trucks, the company has developed the Volvo Concept Truck, a hybrid vehicle designed for long haul applications. In combination with the vehicle’s other improvements, the total reduction in fuel consumption and C02 is around 30%.

5th December 2016
‘See and Be Seen’ latest road-safety programme launched

  The International Cycling Safety Conference in Bologna, Italy, last month saw Volvo Trucks launch its global traffic safety campaign ‘See and Be Seen’ - a new initiative to improve safety awareness among unprotected, vulnerable road-users. 

24th November 2016
Live test featuring truck and paraglider to be premiered

A paraglider and a Volvo FH are about to go on a breath-taking journey in Volvo Trucks’ Live Test - ‘The Flying Passenger’. The truck needs to keep the paraglider in the air while giving it a lift uphill, on winding mountain roads, so to succeed the truck must maintain speed. ‘The Flying Passenger’ will premiere on November 29th on Volvo Trucks’ digital platforms.

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23rd October 2015
Here's how tomorrow's intelligent trucks work

  Personalised, predictive and always driveable. Tomorrow’s intelligent truck is more similar to a smartphone on wheels than a traditional vehicle. “Within a few years this is going to revolutionise productivity in the transport industry,” says Hayder Wokil, Director Quality & Uptime, Volvo Trucks.

18th June 2014
Unique gearbox for heavy vehicles launched by Volvo Trucks

Volvo Trucks is now launching I-Shift Dual Clutch - the first automated transmission for heavy vehicles with a dual clutch system. Thanks to power-shift gear changes torque is maintained without any interruption in power delivery and, as a consequence, the truck does not lose any speed during gear changes. For the driver, the result is more comfortable and efficient progress on the road.

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