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3D Printing
24th August 2018
3D printing one of the strongest materials on Earth

Researchers from Virginia Tech and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have developed a novel way to 3D print complex objects of one of the highest-performing materials used in the battery and aerospace industries. Previously, researchers could only print this material, known as graphene, in 2D sheets or basic structures.

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4th June 2018
A new path to sustainable and biodegradable polyesters

Researchers at Virginia Tech have synthesised a biodegradable alternative to polyolefins using a catalyst and the polyester polymer, and this could eventually have a profound impact on sustainability efforts. Rong Tong, assistant professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering and affiliated faculty member of Macromolecules Innovation Institute (MII), led the team of researchers, whose findings were published in the journal Nature C...

9th February 2018
Smartly containing the cloud improves computing efficiency

  Not too long ago booting up a computer meant there was time for a lengthy coffee break even before the workday started. For a decade now though, thanks to the cloud, computers have accessed information from virtual machines that exist in the ether, allowing software to launch quickly on demand.

3rd November 2016
Flexible solar panels fit in window shades and wallpapers

In the very near future, recycling light energy may be easier than recycling any other item. A team of mechanical and materials engineers and chemists at Virginia Tech, including post-doctoral researchers Xiaojia Zheng and Congcong Wu, as well as College of Science chemistry Professor Robert Moore and Assist. Prof. Amanda Morris, is producing flexible solar panels that can become part of window shades or wallpaper that will capture light fro...

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18th July 2016
Creating super elastic 3D printed nanostructured materials

Researchers led by Xiaoyu "Rayne" Zheng, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Virginia Tech have published a study in the journal Nature Materials that describes a process to create lightweight, strong and super elastic 3D printed metallic nanostructured materials with unprecedented scalability, a full seven orders of magnitude control of arbitrary 3D architectures.

15th June 2016
Modified robotic exoskeleton glove helps diagnose cerebral palsy

  Pinhas Ben-Tzvi, associate professor of mechanical engineering at Virginia Tech and founding director of the department's robotics and mechatronics lab, has been working with robotic exoskeletons for years and on medical diagnostic robotics systems since his time with General Electric Medical Systems from 2000 to 2002.

25th February 2016
Scientists unlock key to turning sewage into power

Two Virginia Tech researchers have discoved a way to maximise the amount of electricity that can be generated from the wastewater we flush down the toilet. An article recently published in Scientific Reports detailing their findings speaks to a growing sustainability movement to capture energy from existing waste to potentially make treatment facilities more energy-efficient.

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