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Verotec is a leading supplier of electronic enclosure products to a very diverse market place. We design, manufacture and integrate a comprehensive range of standard products including 19" racks, instrument cases, fantrays, backplanes, power supplies and bus-based systems.

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17th December 2020
Eurotec caseframes solution for Eurocard PCB housing

The Eurotec caseframe family from Verotec is a modular multi-purpose design based on the KM6 subrack system, designed for applications that require standard 3U and 6U PCBs or modules to be housed in either a desktop, 19” rack mount or portable enclosure. Standard depths are 240, 360 and 480mm and backplane or DIN41612 connector rear extrusions can be specified.

9th December 2020
IMRAK 1400 Series racking system released

Verotec’s IMRAK 1400 Series racking system gives users a 19” rack system with features and options that have made it a successful electronics rack across many applications and installed environments. IMRAK can be used anywhere from ships’ decks to data centres, from harsh industrial environments to broadcast studios, telecoms and research organisations.

21st August 2020
Verotec versatile EMC and standard 19” rack cases

Rack cases are a key building block of rack mounting systems, enabling electronic, electric and electro-mechanical sub-systems and assemblies to be mounted easily in any standard 19” enclosure. Verotec manufactures three different designs, available in a number of different sizes and with several options.

3rd August 2020
Verotec helps keep nuclear power station running safely

Heysham nuclear power station runs four AGR reactors on its site in the North West of the UK. Verotec was approached by Beran Instruments, a certified F4N (Fit for Nuclear) company, to provide custom 19” subracks to house upgraded power supplies on the site.

12th June 2020
Verotec’s 7th Sense’s Juggler pixel processing system

By designing and delivering a custom 19” rack case in only four weeks, Verotec helped 7th Sense to launch their new Juggler hardware-based modular pixel processing system in February 2019 at the Integrated Systems Europe Show, where it won The Best of ISE 2019 Award.

26th March 2020
Verotec improve capacity, capability and service

Verotec manufactures a broad range of well-known standard products: the IMRAK 19” cabinet family, the Diplomat 19” desktop family, the KM6 subrack system and integrated systems, backplanes, thermal management solutions and power supplies.

24th January 2020
Storage systems bring solar power to remote areas

  Renewable energy company, Sun Harvester, is working hard in West Africa, where the company is supplying solar panel and battery storage systems to rural areas where the infrastructure is poor, or non-existent, leaving many rural communities without a reliable electricity supply.

21st January 2020
Off-grid solar power and storage system launched in West Africa

Sun Harvester is a fast-growing renewable energy company providing integrated solar panel and battery storage systems that provide AC power in off-grid areas. The company is particularly active in rural West Africa, where non-existent or poor quality infrastructure means that large areas have no access to a reliable electricity supply for hospital, commercial or domestic needs. The Zhyphen system is an integrated unit consisting of solar panels, ...

26th April 2019
Rgged subrack conforms to MIL STD 167

Designed for use in rail, military, aerospace and other harsh operating environments where electronic equipment will be subject to shock and vibration during use, the ruggedised KM6-HD subrack system, designed to meet MIL-STD 167, the US Department of Defence Test Method Standard, is the latest development of the versatile KM6 subrack family from Verotec.

4th February 2019
KM6-HD-based systems for major land-based military project

It has been announced that Verotec has been selected by a global defence contractor to supply seven different variants of VMEbus system hardware, backplanes and PSU sub-systems for a land-based anti-tank system. The systems are based on the ruggedised 6U 84HP 160mm deep KM6-HD subrack system.

28th November 2018
Turnkey enclosure solution keeps pumps pumping

The ability to supply low to medium volumes was one reason TgK Scientific chose Verotec’s enclosures for its InsightXpress new stop-flow delivery pumps. These enable the screening of reaction conditions by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance at an unprecedented speed for industrial and academic scientists studying or optimising reactions, with extremely low sample volumes and a dead time of less than 150 ms.

23rd July 2018
Helping ESS Sweden prepare for scientific breakthroughs

The European Spallation Source (ESS) is a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) multi-disciplinary research facility based on the world’s most powerful neutron source. Once operational in 2023, the facility will enable scientific breakthroughs in research related to materials, energy, health and the environment. It is under construction in Lund, Sweden, with its associated Data Management and Software Centre (DMSC) based in Cop...

22nd June 2018
Family of subracks introduced for a wide range of applications

Conforming to DIN41494 and IEC60297, Verotech’s KM6 subrack family has continued to evolve over time to reflect the changing requirements of the electronics industry. The KM6-II was first introduced 30 years ago and its design is unchanged to this day, while the much newer, heavy duty KM6-HD units meet the requirements of MIL-STD-167, offering a combination of strength, versatility and configurability. 

11th May 2018
Door assemblies to keep nuclear power station operational

Verotec has supplied custom door assemblies based on a standard IMRAK glass door to the Hartlepool AGR nuclear power station to enable the facility to continue operating. Back in the 1980s, contract manufacturer Intercole installed, amongst other equipment, 22 now long-obsolete 600mm wide 42U high cabinets at the Hartlepool AGR nuclear power station. The cabinets house many thousands of data monitoring modules that constantly provide critical inf...

11th January 2018
Enclosures keep the global network infrastructure expanding

Some 98% of all intercontinental telephone calls, internet traffic, emails, messaging and private data traffic are carried as digital data by fibre optic cables laid by specialist ships across the world’s oceans. Today’s cables, typically 25mm in diameter and weighing some 1.5 tonnes/km, are a far cry from the first working cables, laid in 1853 and linking Great Britain with Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Aerospace & Defence
11th December 2017
VMEbus systems designed for development and military sectors

  Verotec has designed and supplied three different bespoke VMEbus systems for customers operating in the scientific, development and military sectors. The decline and eventual demise of VMEbus has frequently been postulated, mainly on the grounds of low bandwidth when compared to more recent open systems architectures, notably cPCI.

31st July 2017
Further investment to support international enclosure sales

The majority of sales at Verotec come from international business. The European metal enclosure and subrack manufacturer for the electronics industry has been driven by major contract wins in North America, and the increased business levels and long term contracts have underpinned a new £200k investment in its factory to reduce lead times, improve capacity and enhance quality.

10th July 2017
Rack cases chosen for next-gen armoured fighting vehicles

Verotec has been selected by Lockheed Martin to provide custom 19” 6U 600mm deep rack cases to house part of the ISAR system in the AJAX next-gen armoured fighting vehicles developed for the UK Army. A General Dynamics UK project, the AJAX programme provides British troops with protection and is at the core of the British Army’s deployable Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) capability.

1st June 2017
Plinth mounted cabinets help JCB keep digging

Verotec has supplied many custom IMRAK 19” cabinets to JCB, primarily for use in the R&D Department to house test equipment. The latest order was for 22U high, 600x800mm IMRAK cabinets, bayed together and plinth mounted for the Testing Pilot 2 Project. The 22U high enclosure pairs are each fitted with solid front doors, hinged at the outer verticals to produce a wardrobe opening to maximise access to the interior.

26th April 2017
Introducing a versatile extended range of subrack modules

The most versatile system available on the market, the KM6 subrack family from Verotec contains three different systems, each optimised to suit a range of applications: KM6-II, KM6-RF and KM6-HD. The front panels, compatible with all KM6 versions, are a critical building block; three types are available: unshielded to IEC 60297, shielded to IEEE 1101.10 and a further design dedicated to the VXI architecture.

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