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Cyber Security
18th June 2021
How the utilities industry can win the war against ransomware

Responsible for the nation’s supply of water, gas and electricity, the utilities sector is a fundamental part of our critical national infrastructure. Its importance to the day-to-day running of the country cannot be overstated. So, what happens when critical national infrastructure comes under threat of attack? By Barry Cashman, Regional Vice President UK&I, Veritas Technologies

18th May 2021
Over half of UK businesses fall victim to cyber attacks

The utilities sector is under increasing threat from ransomware cyber attacks. More than half (53%) of IT decision makers in the sector admit that their business has been targeted by at least one cyber security attack over the last 12 months, according to new research from Veritas Technologies, a global leader in data protection, availability and insights.

9th July 2020
Evolving fears stilt the growth of cloud adoption

Fears over data loss and compliance breaches have held back UK organisations from cloud adoption according to the latest research from Veritas Technologies, a specialist in data protection and availability. 

Cyber Security
8th June 2020
To protect or to pay?

New research conducted by Veritas Technologies, reveals that UK consumers overwhelmingly believe businesses should stand up to hackers and refuse to pay ransoms.

22nd April 2020
Pushing platform innovation with data protection and insight

There’s a lot to be said about maintaining the status quo. It’s safe, proven and limits risk. Unfortunately, for most things that matter - this approach just doesn’t cut it. Especially for our enterprise customers. To drive platform innovation, solve new problems, and achieve business success - now is the time to re-evaluate how things are done. By: Simon Jelly, Backup Exec General Manager and Vice President and Doug Matth...

22nd November 2019
Enterprises count on Veritas as cloud adoption accelerates

Enterprise customers are accelerating their cloud transformation initiatives revealed Veritas Technologies, a worldwide leader in enterprise data protection and software-defined infrastructure. Over the past year alone, Veritas has seen a four-fold increase in the amount of data moving from on-premises environments to the two leading public clouds. This is in addition to a dramatic increase in the number of NetBackup workloads that have moved to ...

22nd November 2019
Reducing downtime for mission critical applications and services

Veritas Technologies has announced an expansion of its collaborative solutions for customers that include application resiliency, data analytics, and long-term retention. These solutions provide customers with business continuity for mission critical applications, and storage optimisation using Veritas data analytics and long-term retention solutions. 

3rd April 2019
UK heading for data storage breaking point

UK consumers face a tough choice between deleting their data or paying extra to keep it, finds new research from Veritas Technologies. While data continues to be precious to consumers, few would invest significantly in buying more storage, whether physical or in the cloud. 

Cyber Security
19th November 2018
Research reveals organisations need to improve data protection

  According to new research from Veritas Technologies, while data is quickly becoming recognised as an organisation’s most important digital asset, the majority of the UK companies need to make improvements when it comes to day-to-day management of data.  

6th September 2018
Can GDPR clean up the 42% of organisations' stale data environments?

  Research from Veritas Technologies has revealed that despite increased scrutiny around data protection and digital privacy, 42% of companies’ total data environments are either stale (i.e. have not been modified in the last three years) or ancient (i.e. have not been modified in the last seven years).

5th September 2018
Data protection with radically simplified user experience

Veritas Technologies has unveiled Veritas NetBackup 8.1.2 with a radically improved user interface that simplifies how employees across an organisation can effortlessly protect data and modern workloads. The new Veritas NetBackup 8.1.2 provides customers with best-in-class data protection technology and enhanced user experience. 

9th August 2018
Cracking the case of unstructured data

Today’s police officers have access to huge volumes of data from an enormous variety of sources. These include video from surveillance and body-mounted cameras, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) data, phone records, as well as from historic records and information held by other government agencies.

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