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2nd June 2020
COVID-19 amplifies password security flaws

Since lockdown started, a Capterra report has revealed a shocking third of respondents have fallen victim to phishing emails, as COVID-19 amplifies password security flaws – 45% of which were related to coronavirus. 

27th April 2020
COVID-19 exposes weak link in video conferencing tools

Business tool Zoom has seen a 20-fold increase in users recently, as COVID-19 forces millions to work from home. However, reported problems with privacy and security have sparked concern about using video conferencing tools amongst governments and businesses worldwide.

2nd April 2020
Cyber security threats caused by COVID-19 for businesses

The COVID-19 outbreak is forcing millions of employees to work from home. This means countless organisations are faced with a unique cyber security challenge: how to keep as many business-critical functions running as possible whilst maintaining adequate security.

21st January 2020
Uber banned in Birmingham as scandal spreads

It has been announced that Uber’s license to operate in Birmingham will not be renewed at the end of the month, following the company’s unresolved dispute with Transport for London. In November, it was revealed that drivers in the capital who were not licenced or insured conducted 14,000 rides, putting passenger safety at great risk. 

10th January 2020
Back to work, but are passwords redundant?

Millions of workers returning to work after Christmas and New Year will have to remember an average of 191 passwords and many of these will have been forgotten over the break. It comes as no surprise then that employees may not be instantly productive as they waste time calling IT helpdesks to help them login. This ‘password fatigue’ is expensive, costing companies $70 per individual password reset according to authentication platform...

Artificial Intelligence
12th November 2019
Damning report on ‘invasive’ police use of facial recognition

The Information Commissioner Office (ICO) has demanded a new statutory code to govern the police use of ‘invasive’ facial recognition technology. The watchdog’s investigation follows the August incident over its use at King’s Cross station, in which it determined the technology was a potential threat to the public’s privacy.

5th September 2019
Landmark hearing finds use of facial recognition technology lawful

This week, the High Court has ruled in favour of the South Wales Police to allow the continued use of Automated Facial Recognition (AFR) – the controversial technology which enables mass crowd surveillance, in response to a judicial review held in May by local man, Ed Bridges.

9th August 2019
Police roll out facial recognition technology

South Wales Police have confirmed their intention to use facial recognition technology – rolling the application out to 50 police officers for an initial three-month trial. This will enable them to take a snapshot and analyse it immediately to answer the pressing question, “Are you really the person we’re looking for?”

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