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8th August 2016
An aid to automotive architecture design

The IT industry for years has been using Service-Oriented Software Architectures (SOA) to describe and structure distributed systems. In the automotive industry, this procedure is also increasing in importance, in order to meet technical challenges associated with things like autonomous driving and V2X communication.

30th June 2016
Development tool enables wiring harnesses to be completely modelled

The wiring harness is considered to be one of the most expensive and difficult individual parts of the electrical/electronic architecture. Vector’s development tool PREEvision allows its physical attributes to be completely modelled. It describes the complexity of current cabling systems with diagrams, takes details into account and makes the entire structure easily understandable.

2nd June 2016
Efficient development of multi-sensor applications

For the development of algorithms for ADAS and automated driving, version 2.0 of the vADASdeveloper software tool offers comprehensive support. It offers ADAS developers a complete solution, ranging from multi-sensor data recording to quick visualisation of results. Even algorithm development along with implementation in simulation and testing systems can be realised in this way.

18th December 2015
Getting the most out of measurement data

A number of new functions have been added to the new version 14.0 of vSignalyzer from Vector. Electronic developers will now be able to benefit from a range measurement data visualisation functions for manual and automated analysis.

Events News
1st September 2015
Vector Technology Days - tech you can touch

On 28 and 29 October 2015, Vector Technology Days will have their premiere at Motorworld in Böblingen, Germany. In a fittingly automotive ambience with 1000 m² of floor space, the high-tech company will present forward-looking technologies that you can touch. Vector is opening up its development labs and will demonstrate the latest product developments.

18th March 2015
Latest version of analysis tools supports ISO standard

  Vector is supporting the upcoming ISO11898-1:2015 ISO standard for CAN and CAN FD in version 8.5 of its CANoe development, simulation and test tool and CANalyzer analysis tool.

12th February 2015
CSM, Vector agree joint venture

CSM and Vector have agreed to work together in a joint venture for long-term and sustainable development and sales. In the future, users of measurement technology in automotive and commercial vehicle development will benefit from a closely coordinated complete solution for software and hardware products from Vector and CSM.

Artificial Intelligence
11th February 2015
Tool simplifies multi-sensor application development

A tool for developing multi-sensor applications, vADASdeveloper, has been introduced by Vector Informatik. Having been adopted by BASELABS earlier this year, developers of ADASs and ECUs for automated driving can benefit from a comprehensive solution for data fusion and environment perception.

7th November 2014
Vector enters South American market

Vector Informatik is opening its 11th foreign subsidiary, with the founding of Vector Brazil. Vector Brazil will market the entire product line-up for automotive electronics in South America. Electronics developers in South America will now receive intensive support in close co-operation with the company's headquarters in Stuttgart.

Test & Measurement
21st October 2014
Updated XCP reference book addresses CAN FD

The second edition of the technical reference book “XCP – The Standard Protocol for ECU Development” is now available from Vector Software. In the new edition, the authors have addressed new topics such as the use of CAN FD as a transport layer. The XCP reference book can be ordered free-of-charge from the Vector website – in printed form or in various digital versions.

Artificial Intelligence
12th October 2014
Allies plan automated driving innovations

Vector and BASELABS have formed a partnership with the goal of jointly creating products and services for the development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and automated driving. Vector will focus on special software tools for the development of ADAS and automated vehicles. BASELABS concentrates on software for data fusion in multiple-sensor scenarios, including the necessary algorithms.

30th September 2014
AUTOSAR software provides a basis for reference designs

Vector's MICROSAR software has been supplied to BMW for a reference integration of the “BAC4 Release 2” AUTOSAR Core. The software focuses on internal vehicle communications over CAN, FlexRay and Ethernet. Due to reduced integration and testing needs, BMW and its ECU suppliers benefit from shortened development times.  

Test & Measurement
23rd June 2014
Interactive remote diagnostics worldwide with Indigo

Beginning with version 4.0 of the diagnostic tester, Vector Informatik is offering users a remote diagnostic solution that is fast and easy to use. On test drives or in foreign production plants, or right at a customer's vehicle in the service shop, the diagnostic expert can access a vehicle, systematically determine the cause of a problem and quickly solve it – without even having to be there physically.

20th February 2013
Integrated Software Development with iSYSTEM and Vector Tools

Schwabhausen-based iSYSTEM and Vector today present the integration of CANoe.XCP2), CANoe.AMD as well as CANape and iSYSTEM winIDEA/testIDEA3). With their cooperation, iSYSTEM and Vector respond to the demand for consistent development tools and automated test tools required especially by the automotive industry. So far, the two partners have covered different stages of the development and test process. iSYSTEM focus on hardware-near software dev...

26th September 2012
AUTOSAR 4.0.3 basic software from Vector available

Vector has extended its AUTOSAR solution for AUTOSAR 4.0.3. This version supports automotive OEMs and suppliers in implementing the latest AUTOSAR standard. The solution consists of the MICROSAR basic software and the new generation of the DaVinci Configurator Pro configuration tool. First suppliers are already implementing the new AUTOSAR software in production projects.

26th September 2012
Vector supports OPEN Alliance SIG in introducing BroadR-Reach as a network in the automobile

Vector is a new member of the OPEN Alliance SIG (One Pair EtherNet Alliance Special Interest Group). This interest group is promoting the introduction of BroadR-Reach – an Ethernet-based communications technology for motor vehicles. Vector is supporting this consortium with its many years of experience in creating development tools for automotive networking.

23rd January 2012
PREEvision 5.0 - universal model-based E/E development from architectural concept to production readiness

As of now, PREEvision 5.0 is available. To further increase efficiency in automotive E/E development, the current Version 5.0 implements such aspects as requirements management, hazard and risk analysis (ISO 26262), AUTOSAR support, Simulink integration, life cycle management and file management.

9th August 2011
Smart Charging with MICROSAR IP enables flexible charging processes and easy payment

Compared with conventionally powered vehicles, electric vehicles (EVs) have significantly shorter driving ranges due to the low energy density of their batteries.

Test & Measurement
8th March 2011
AUTOSAR Basic Software from Vector Serves as Reference Implementation for BAC 3.0

The BMW Group is using basic software from Vector for the reference implementation of the “BAC 3.0” BMW AUTOSAR Core.

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