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11th December 2019
Pressure sensor with low power consumption for mobile equipment

Variohm EuroSensor's new EPT31LE series pressure sensor features fast power-up and response times and a low power consumption that suits mobile equipment pressure monitoring used in combination with battery and/or solar powered wireless transmitting systems.

23rd March 2018
Robust wide-range temperature sensing for motorsports and automotive

Motorsports and aeronautical sensor specialist, Texense has launched the new IRN2-C linear analogue and digital infrared sensor, which is available from Variohm EuroSensor. The new infrared sensor provides a 4-20mA output over a standard temperature range of -30 to 220⁰C in a compact M12x34mm sub-miniature housing.

26th February 2018
One million custom sensors and counting

Back in December 2017, Variohm EuroSensor delivered its one millionth customised sensor, and it has steadily expanded its in-house design and manufacturing service which is complemented by a comprehensive standard product range as well as distribution partnerships with leading global sensor component suppliers.

18th September 2017
Finally a pressure sensor with E1 automotive approval

Variohm EuroSensor has released the new SMO3100 which is able to provide wide ranging automotive pressure application solutions. With E1 automotive approval, a wide selection of pressure ports and electrical interfaces plus an extensive choice of range options, Variohm´s new and competitively priced SMO3100 series ratiometric transducer will suit applications in demanding automotive environments such as motorsports, off-road vehicles, ...

3rd August 2017
Robotics provide precise speed measurement as if by magic

Robots outweigh humans when it comes to speed and precision. Modern robots can move workpieces around at a speed that you could once only dream of. Precise measuring instruments are needed to avoid mistakes occurring due to the incredibly quick cycle times required in modern production. For this, the manufacturer Omron Adept Technologies of Dortmund relies on systems made by Wachendorff Automation.

8th March 2017
Pressure switch ensures safety levels for soft tissue repair machine

  The PHYSIOLAB Thermal Compression unit is an intelligent clinical toolkit to support physiotherapists, surgeons and clinicians in accelerating soft tissue repair following injury, trauma or surgery, preventing injury in advance of activity and aiding recovery after exercise.

19th September 2016
Puck and magnet option added to sensor range

Adding a ‘puck and magnet’ design option to its Euro-X programmable angle sensor range is Variohm EuroSensor. A fully non-contacting two-part design, the new Euro-XPK consists of: a high accuracy Hall Effect sensor element encapsulated in a high-grade sealed plastic housing and a separate magnet, available in three size options.

31st May 2016
Sensor aids pedal power

An electric bike pedal force sensor has been developed by ZEMIC in conjunction with the Netherlands firm SPARTA – a successful e-bike brand in Europe. The sensor is a crucial component in the bike’s drive and control system that detects the pedal force applied, and through software settings determines a proportional amount of assisted motor power at the wheel.

22nd April 2016
Providing the pedal power for mountain bike world champion

Equipment used in elite sport needs to be optimised and teams will go to great lengths to ensure their equipment will performance at its best – just look at Formula One. And this is certainly the case for Loic Bruni, the 2015 UCI Mountain Bike & Trials Downhill World Champion.

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