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Eco Innovation
3rd April 2023
Technology will be crucial to the success of vertical farms

Vertical farming is increasingly being regarded as one of the solutions to the problems faced by global food production systems, and in the following article Antti Viitanen from Vaisala explains why measurement and control technology will be key to the success of this rapidly growing sector.

Test & Measurement
10th March 2023
Vaisala brings portable measurements to its Indigo product family

The new MOSFETs leverage ST's advanced STPOWER STripFET F8 technology, which introduces an oxide-filled trench that permits low conduction losses combined with low gate charge for efficient switching performance. As a result, the STL120N10F8 has 4.6mΩ maximum RDS(on) (at VGS = 10V) and can operate efficiently at switching frequencies up to 600kHz.

16th February 2023
Vaisala launches new optical inline process refractometer series

Vaisala has unveiled a next-gen process refractometer platform Polaris. The products are designed to optimise industrial manufacturing processes, product quality, enhance productivity, and save resources, energy, and time in various industries and hundreds of industrial applications.

Test & Measurement
22nd November 2022
Vaisala celebrates 10-years of Martian measurements

Gathering a decade of accurate measurement data is a major feat in itself, but to do so on a robot travelling around the surface of an inhospitable planet 140 million miles away is almost unbelievable.

29th September 2022
Vaisala launches Xweather to battle impacts of weather and climate change

Vaisala, a global specialist in weather, environmental, and industrial measurements, has announced the launch of Xweather.

23rd May 2022
Advanced airfreight tech enables access to medicines & vaccines

In common with many other types of pharmaceutical products, vaccines have to be stored and transported within tightly specified temperature limits.

4th May 2022
Vaisala recognised in Finnish design competition

Vaisala has received recognition for the industrial design of a new Indigo handheld instrument.

26th April 2022
‘No design without reason’: a philosophy that drives innovation

The guiding mantra in Vaisala’s design department is ‘no design without reason’.

22nd February 2022
Immersion type temperature transmitter for data centres

Vaisala introduces a new immersion type temperature transmitter for data centres. To support the growing demand for uninterrupted data, Vaisala, a global leader in weather, environmental, and industrial measurements, expands its product portfolio for data centres by launching the new immersion typeVaisala TMI110 Temperature Transmitter.

26th June 2019
Humidity and temperature module targets OEMs

A humidity and temperature module for climate and environmental chamber customers is being featured by Vaisala at Sensor + Test in Nuremberg (June 25-27). The HMM170 is optimised specifically for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to bring reliable humidity measurement in very demanding environments with easy integration and compact size.

Aerospace & Defence
18th October 2018
Humidity measurement devices for Mars ready for final testing

Pressure and humidity measuring devices are being delivered by Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), based on Vaisala's technology to NASA's Mars 2020 Rover. The pressure measurement devices were finalised earlier this year and now also the humidity measuring instruments are completed and ready for the final testing. 

Test & Measurement
26th July 2010
Continuous Monitoring System for Larger Electronics-based Medical Product Manufacturers Now Available from Veriteq, a Vaisala Company

Electronics-based medical product manufacturers seeking continuous monitoring systems specifically geared for larger enterprises can deploy viewLinc 3.5 – recently launched by Veriteq, a Vaisala company.

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