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28th November 2022
Usound is selected as MEMS loudspeaker supplier for TWS

Luxshare-ICT chose USound as its strategical MEMS speaker supplier for its new ultra-compact hybrid audio module for innovative dual-driver true wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds.

24th October 2022
USound reveals ASIC linear audio amplifier

Usound announces the launch of the newest ASIC linear audio amplifier, Tarvos 1.0 UC-P3010, designed to drive USound MEMS speakers.

27th September 2022
The world's first full colour microLED based true AR glasses

USound, a provider of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) loudspeakers for hearables and wearables, announces cooperation with the Indian company Focally on the first generation of its Universe AR glasses.

4th August 2022
USound’s compact audio module enhances the performance of hearables

USound announced the release of an audio module designed to enhance the performance of TWS and OTC hearing aids.

9th June 2022
USound MEMS speakers enable new audio in-vehicle experiences

USound announces its entry into the automotive market with its revolutionary MEMS speaker arrays.

6th May 2022
MEMS speakers are replacing balanced armature speakers

USound is on a rapid path to replacing balanced armature micro speakers with MEMS speakers in most portable consumer electronics by 2025.

6th April 2022
Patient-safe MEMS loudspeaker for MRI-compatible headphones

USound has announced its entrance into the health tech industry with its introduction of MEMS speakers that are compliant for MRI-compatible headphones and accessories.

17th March 2021
Changing the hearing aid industry with MEMS speakers

USound has joined forces with the European distributor Colsan Audio to enhance the hearing aid market. With the release of the second generation of MEMS speakers, USound's technology is awakening big players' interest in hearables and the hearing aid market. star

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