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12th June 2017
Computational intelligence to improve the management of emergencies

Hospitals and healthcare facilities use numerous databases containing the records of a whole host of physiological variables of the patients they treat. The processing and analysis of these data can enable healthcare staff to anticipate and spot those patients at greater risk of deterioration. Asier Garmendia, a researcher in the GIC (Computational Intelligence Group) at the UPV/EHU, has developed a system based on computational intelligence for ...

12th December 2016
An increasingly flexible technology for hardening steel

Hardening is a surface heat treatment applied to steel parts and which increases their hardness considerably. The UPV/EHU's High Performance Manufacturing group has conducted the study and tuning of an innovative technology to carry out this process. It involves using laser, but unlike the traditional system, it uses scanning optics, which gives the thickness of the part to be treated great capacity for adaptation.

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10th August 2016
Cement design accounts for water confined in pores

  Cement is subjected to a vast range of conditions, both physiological and meteorological, including extreme temperatures, humidity and pressure. Conditions can range from -80ºC in places such as scientific bases in the Antarctic, to several hundreds of degrees in infrastructure near heat sources or in the case of fires.

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9th August 2016
Functional coatings have self-cleaning properties

Alexander Santiago, a researcher in the Department of Polymer Science and Technology at the UPV/EHU's Faculty of Chemistry, has developed three types of functional coatings that are resistant to microorganisms and have self-cleaning and anti-reflective properties. By modifying the surface of paints he has managed to vary their properties or their possible applications at a lower cost in comparison with the materials existing on the market.

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