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Test & Measurement
10th January 2018
A potentially life-saving health monitor technology

Sick babies in remote parts of the world could be monitored from afar thanks to new wearable technology designed by physicists at the University of Sussex. And parents at home, concerned about the risk of cot death, could keep track of their new babies' heart and breathing rates with automatic updates to their smart phones, using 'fitness tracker'-style technology built into baby sleep suits.

11th September 2017
Algorithm unlocks smartwatches that learn your every move

Scientists at the University of Sussex have invented a new algorithm that enables smartwatches to detect and record your every move, without being told beforehand what to look for. Current smartwatches can recognise a limited number of particular activities, including yoga and running, but these are programmed in advance. This new method enables the technology to discover activities as they happen, not just simply when exercising, but a...

Component Management
27th February 2017
Metamaterial can shape sound waves

A super-material that bends, shapes and focuses sound waves that pass through it has been invented by scientists. The creation pushes the boundaries of metamaterials - a new class of finely-engineered surfaces that perform nature-defying tasks. These materials have already shown remarkable results with light manipulation, allowing scientists to create a real-life version of Harry Potter's invisibility cloak, for example.

3rd February 2017
Samsung's Head of 5G research has joined University of Sussex

The Head of European 5G Research and Chief Engineer at technology giant Samsung has joined the University of Sussex as its Head of Engineering and Design.

13th October 2016
Soundwaves and force fields create 'floating pixels'

A mid-air display of 'floating pixels' has been created by scientists. Researchers at the Universities of Sussex and Bristol have used soundwaves to lift many tiny objects at once before spinning and flipping them using electric force fields. The technology – called JOLED - effectively turns tiny, multi-coloured spheres into real-life pixels, which can form into floating displays or bring computer game characters to life as physic...

29th June 2016
Is progress being made to eradicate conflict minerals?

Electronic Specifier Editor Joe Bush talks to Constantin Bloome, Professor of Operations Management at the University of Sussex, about how best to stop the trade in conflict minerals.

16th June 2016
700-year-old soil technique could mitigate climate change

A farming technique practised for centuries by villagers in West Africa, which converts nutrient-poor rainforest soil into fertile farmland, could be the answer to mitigating climate change and revolutionising farming across Africa. A global study, led by the University of Sussex, which included anthropologists and soil scientists from Cornell, Accra, and Aarhus Universities and the Institute of Development Studies, has for the first-time id...

11th April 2016
Ultrasound could transform your hands into a touchscreen

Using your skin as a touchscreen has been brought a step closer after UK scientists successfully created tactile sensations on the palm using ultrasound sent through the hand. The University of Sussex-led study - funded by the Nokia Research Centre and the European Research Council – is the first to find a way for users to feel what they are doing when interacting with displays projected on their hand.

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