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23rd March 2018
Researchers prove assumptions in solar cell production

Research led by the University of Luxembourg investigated the manufacturing process of solar cells. The researchers proved that assumptions on chemical processes that were common place among researchers and producers for the past 20 years are, in fact, inaccurate. The physicists published their findings in the renowned scientific journal Nature Communications.

20th June 2017
Modelling the brain with 'Lego bricks'

Researchers from the University of Luxembourg, in cooperation with the University of Strasbourg, have developed a computational method that could be used to guide surgeons during brain surgery. Surgeons often operate in the dark. They have a limited view of the surface of the organ, and can typically not see what lies hidden inside. Quality images can routinely be taken prior to the surgery, but as soon as the operation begins, the position ...

20th July 2016
Social robots can be programmed by everyone

The startup LuxAI was created following a project at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust of the University of Luxembourg, funded by the Luxembourg National Research Fund under its Proof of Concept scheme. The business model of LuxAI is developing and constructing so-called social robots. Such robots can be used, for example, in the educational or health system, where they would support trainers and therapists in their...

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