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19th August 2020
UnitedSiC signs distribution agreement with Macnica

UnitedSiC has announced it has entered into a distribution agreement with Macnica, a major distributor of semiconductor products in Japan. Macnica will partner with UnitedSiC to distribute its product portfolio to Japanese customers in high-growth applications such as electric vehicles, battery charging, IT infrastructure, renewable energy and circuit protection.

3rd February 2020
Lowest RDS(on) SiC FETs in DFN eight by eight format

UnitedSiC has introduced the UF3SC065030D8 and UF3SC065040D8; a low RDS(on) SiC FETs available in the popular low-profile DFN eight by eight surface-mount package. The 650V devices replace two standard silicon devices, enabling engineers to build switching circuits with greater efficiency and higher power density than is possible with a discrete design approach.

10th December 2019
SiC FETs with RDS(on) deliver increased efficiency

UnitedSiC, a manufacturer of silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductors, is introducing four new SiC FETs, with RDS(ON) levels as low as 7mohms, delivering unprecedented levels of performance and efficiency for use in high-power applications such as electric vehicle (EV) inverters, high-powered DC/DC converters, high-current battery chargers and solid-state circuit breakers.

4th October 2019
Silicon carbide FET devices for global racing challenge

A Dutch solar car team from University of Twente and Saxion Hogeschool has selected silicon carbide (SiC) devices from UnitedSiC ahead of a major solar racing challenge in October. UnitedSiC provided product samples of their FAST Series of SiC FETs to Solar Team Twente, which they selected on the basis of superior performance.

29th July 2019
New 650V SiC FET packages offer range of RDS values

UnitedSiC has added two new TO220-3L package options to its growing range of hard-switching UF3C FAST series of 650V SiC FETs. The new products offer RDS(on) values of 30mohms (UF3C065030T3S) and 80mohms (UF3C065080T3S). The three-leaded, industry-standard TO220-3L package features enhanced thermal characteristics made possible by a sintered-silver packaging technology.

27th June 2019
Four-leaded Kelvin device extends on-resistance range

UnitedSiC has expanded its UF3C FAST series product offering by introducing an additional 1,200V high-performance SiC FET device in a TO-247-4L four-leaded Kelvin Sense discrete package option. The UF3C120150K4S offers a typical on-resistance (RDS(on)) of 150mΩ, bringing the total number of four-leaded FAST Series devices up to six and extending the on-resistance range of the entire series from 30mΩ all the way up to 150mΩ.

26th April 2019
SiC FETs get closer to the ideal switch

  The SiC FET in a ‘cascode configuration comes closer to the ideal power switch, believes Dr Anup Bhalla, VP engineering at UnitedSiC

20th March 2019
New family of low power AC-DC flyback converters announced

UnitedSiC has announced that it has released a range of SiC JFET die suitable for co-packaging with a controller IC with built in low voltage MOSFET to fabricate an extremely fast, cascode-based, 20-100W Flyback product. Ranging from 650-1,700V, these normally-on SiC JFETs enable simplified start-up implementation with zero standby dissipation.

4th December 2018
High performance silicon carbide FETs series expanded

UnitedSiC has announced its expanded its UF3C FAST Series product offering by introducing an additional range of 650 and 1,200V high performance silicon carbide FETs in a TO-247-4L 4-pin Kelvin Sense package option. Based on an efficient cascode configuration, this new series provides designers with very fast switching, high power devices in a package capable of high power dissipation.

14th November 2018
UnitedSiC introduces new UF3C “FAST” Silicon Carbide FET series

UnitedSiC launch its UF3C FAST series of 650 V and 1200 V high-performance silicon carbide FETs in a standard TO-247-3L package. The FAST Series offers increased switching speeds and higher efficiency levels than their existing UJC3 Series.

5th November 2018
High-performance silicon carbide FETs with increased switching speeds

  Manufacturer of silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductors, UnitedSiC, has announced the launch of its UF3C FAST series of 650 and 1200V high-performance silicon carbide FETs in a standard TO-247-3L package. The FAST Series offers increased switching speeds and higher efficiency levels than their existing UJC3 Series.

25th October 2018
UnitedSiC Expands SiC JFET Portfolio

UnitedSiC’s Generation 3 1200 V and 650 V silicon carbide JFETs, expanding its existing unique portfolio of standalone normally-ON SiC JFETs.

24th October 2018
Standalone normally-ON SiC JFET portfolio expanded

  Manufacturer of silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductors, UnitedSiC, has announced its Generation 3 1,200 and 650V silicon carbide JFETs, expanding its existing portfolio of standalone normally-ON SiC JFETs. 

19th September 2018
SiC wide band-gap devices increase performance

History has a habit of repeating itself, or so the often-quoted phrase goes. Sometimes our human fallibility does indeed lead us to repeat mistakes from the past, while on other occasions, a concept or technique leads us back to an approach that was once of value but ended up consigned to textbook history. The electronics industry is no stranger to picking up ideas from the past, dusting them off and giving them a new lease of life or incorporati...

29th August 2018
Growth in silicon carbide power sales is good news for EVs

  Manufacturer of silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductors, UnitedSiC has opened an office in Shenzhen, China, and appointed Henry Jiang as Senior Sales Manager for the South China region. Jiang joins the company from STMicroelectronics, where he was the team leader of the power division.

20th July 2018
Cascode Basics

A ‘cascode’ sounds like an archaic term from the era of vacuum tubes and that’s where it comes from. Cascodes today, though, are very relevant in their latest incarnation as combinations of SiC JFETs and Si MOSFETs, giving performance that’s getting very close to the suitable switch. Guest blog by Zhongda Li, NPI Manager at UnitedSiC.

16th July 2018
Considerations when comparing SiC and GaN in power applications

Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductor technologies are promising great things for the future. SiC devices in a cascode configuration enable existing systems to be easily upgraded to get the benefits of wide band-gap devices right now. By: Anup Bhalla, VP Engineering, UnitedSic.

29th May 2018
FETs deliver industry’s highest-performance upgrade path

Designers of Power Factor Correction stages (PFCs), Active Frontend Rectifiers, LLC converters and Phase Shift Full Bridge converters can now upgrade existing system performance by using the UJ3C1200 series of SiC JFET cascodes from UnitedSiC. With a voltage rating of 1200V and ON-resistances of 80 and 40 milliohms, these devices offer a ‘drop-in’ replacement solution for many existing IGBT, Si-MOSFET and SiC-MOSFET parts, with no cha...

18th April 2018
Will EVs start to take up SiC and drive prices to parity with silicon?

Wide band-gap devices have yet to break into the EV market in a meaningful way, but the stage is set for them to become the technology of choice as they drop in cost and demonstrate the performance and reliability needed. By Anup Bhalla, VP Engineering at UnitedSiC.

6th March 2018
SiC FETs offer silicon substitution to cut losses in power systems

Manufacturer of Silicon Carbide (SiC) power semiconductors, UnitedSiC has announced the UJ3C series of 650V SiC FETs as drop-in replacements for silicon Superjunction MOSFETs. Available in standard TO-220, TO-247 and D2PAK-3L packages, they operate with standard Si-MOSFET gate drive, eliminating the need to re-design drive circuits, while offering low RDS (ON) and low gate charge to reduce system losses. 

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