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25th November 2020
Robots leading the fight against COVID-19 infections

Effective decontamination and sterilisation of hospital wards and bathrooms is essential in reducing the risk of cross infection. This is especially important during COVID-19 pandemic, when we consider that there is just nine critical care beds per 100,000 people in the UK. Here, Eric Lind, Vice-President of Commercial Operations and Business Development at Ultralife, has discussed the vital role robotics play in sterilisation and what to conside...

7th July 2020
Can manufacturers benefit from lithium cell technology?

Ultralife has produced a new range of Lithium Thionyl Chloride cylindrical cells for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), to help manufacturers benefit from lithium cell technology. The ER Generation X family of cells includes a particularly rugged and energy dense lithium chemistry.

3rd July 2020
Taking surveillance off the wall

Closed circuit television (CCTV) has been a feature of our world for almost a century now. First conceived in 1927 by gifted Russian inventor Léon Theremin, it is estimated there are over six million cameras in the UK alone — one for every eleven citizens. The need for video surveillance for safety and security is clear, but what are you supposed to do when mains power is unavailable?

24th January 2020
A modern take on an older cell design

Ultralife Corporation has offered a modern contemporary CR123A cell. The small cells found a niche in powering cameras throughout the years, but modern lithium chemistry has redefined their place in the electrical world. Here, Ultralife has produced an infographic that explores the wide and diverse range of uses that the CR123A can now provide power for. 

20th August 2019
Balancing hotel robotics with safety

Hotel, motel or Holiday Inn? Guest experience is quickly becoming an increasingly important factor in the hotel world, with decisions being made on where to stay based on service and reliability. To aid with this, service robots are being introduced. But while hoteliers are open to adopting new tech to enhance experience, safety devices are often neglected.

17th July 2019
Stackable battery redefines portable power

Ultralife Corporation has released a modular lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePo4) power storage device for robotics, automated systems, military modular power systems and vehicle-mounted auxiliary power units. The new battery, named the URB0023 has a high number of charge cycles and features an enclosure design that allows for greater on-the-go capability during operations.

26th March 2019
Smarter powered medical carts

Global medical battery manufacturer, Ultralife Corporation, has announced that its URB12400-U1-SMB batteries are now qualified for use with medical cart inverters from Tripp Lite and Ametek Powervar. Medical cart manufacturers and hospital equipment specifiers that were considering traditional lead acid batteries can now benefit from the latest lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) technology. 

5th February 2019
Has your AGV got the right battery?

As the requirement for flexible warehouses increases in line with increased and varied demand, facilities and plant managers are turning to automated guided vehicles (AGVs) more and more regularly. However, reliably sorting and retrieving goods over a 24/7 warehouse cycle, is a process with demanding power requirements.

4th February 2019
Powering wireless security and home automation

Global smart battery manufacturer, Ultralife, has released its new CR123A battery products, specifically designed for the wireless security and home automation markets. The batteries, supporting a number of portable and wireless applications, will provide some of the highest performance of this style in the industry.

28th January 2019
Coin cell or thin cell batteries?

Smart device battery manufacturer Ultralife has produced a new infographic comparing its Thin Cell range of batteries with industry standard coin cell batteries. The infographic, helps product designers and design engineers make an informed decision when specifying batteries for portable electronics and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

3rd December 2018
The biggest themes to emerge from electronica 2018

This year’s electronica lived up to its slogan of 'connecting everything - smart, safe and secure'. This is evidenced in the three main technologies on display at the show: as Artificial Intelligence (AI), home automation systems and medical electronics. Michele Windsor, Global Marketing Manager of Ultralife, explores these growing trends in the electronics industry.

21st November 2018
Designing longer lasting smart home sensors

Home automation has been gaining massive traction over the past few years. However, these technologies are only as effective as their power source. Here, Michele Windsor, Global Marketing Manager at home automation battery provider Ultralife Corporation, has explained the importance of having long lasting batteries at the centre of home automation product design.

11th November 2018
The power of sensors in the smart home

  Longevity is the key to tomorrow’s smart homes, says Michele Windsor, global marketing manager, Ultralife, and reliable power will be the responsibility of sensor designers

18th September 2018
Why you can’t afford to ignore robot batteries

One of the key reasons for using an industrial robot to automate a process is to improve product quality, through increased reliability and accuracy. But for robots to be truly reliable and safe, engineers should ensure they have the correct power solutions. Here, Michele Windsor, Global Marketing Manager at Ultralife Corporation, explains the impact poor design and integration of batteries can have on industrial robots.

10th September 2018
New whitepaper reveals IoT battery shortcomings

Smart device battery manufacturer, Ultralife has released a whitepaper giving a technical comparison of standard lithium coin cell batteries and the company’s own lithium thin cell battery chemistry. The whitepaper, which is available to download from the company’s website, shows a side by side comparison of the battery types to help design engineers of IoT enabled smart devices choose the best power source.

Cyber Security
22nd August 2018
Powering the security revolution

The worldwide smart home security market is expected to reach $18bn in 2020, with smart security systems becoming increasingly prevalent in people’s homes to protect against intruders, monitor entrances and detect floods. With sensors now dotted around the home, the power requirements of smart security devices have changed from traditional alarm systems, as J.D. DiGiacomandrea, applications engineering manager at global battery manufacturer...

10th August 2018
Powering tomorrow’s bomb disposal robots

In 2017, US research institute SRI International unveiled its Taurus robot, a bomb disposal robot that allowed operators to control it using a virtual reality headset. This is just the latest in a long line of technology developments for bomb disposal units.

1st August 2018
What is the future of service robots?

It has been announced by The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) forecast, that sales of service robots will grow between 20 and 25% by 2020. Having already significantly impacted the agriculture, surgery and logistics sectors, service robots are expected to offer greater assistive capability and value in the future. 

13th July 2018
Smarter powered medical carts

Global medical battery manufacturer Ultralife Corporation’s URB12400-U1-SMB batteries are now qualified for use with medical cart inverters from Tripp Lite and Ametek Powervar. With this compatibility, medical cart manufacturers and hospital equipment specifiers that were considering traditional lead acid batteries can now benefit from the latest lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) technology.

4th July 2018
Answering the common myths behind smart metres

  Misconceptions around advanced technologies often lead to the emergence of urban legends. This is currently the case for the integration of smart electric meters. Jonathan DiGiacomandrea, Applications Engineering Manager at Ultralife, explains some of the truths behind powering the energy saving devices.

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