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17th November 2020
MFC resistors enhance reliability

Metal Foil Chip (MFC) resistors from TT Electronics use metal foil on ceramic technology, which combines the heat spreading properties of a ceramic substrate with the surge tolerance of a bulk metal alloy resistance element.

23rd October 2020
Kit supports rapid IoT development

A Pro Tracking and Monitoring Kit for rapid IoT development has been launched by TT Electronics.

23rd September 2020
Chip resistors meet latest anti-sulphur standards

The APC Series resistors from TT Electronics is a family of high reliability surface mount resistors that have been qualified for use in environments exposed to sulphur-bearing gasses.

News & Analysis
17th September 2020
TT Electronics acquistion extends US mil/aero presence

TT Electronics is acquiring Torotel, a US-based designer and manufacturer of high-reliability power and electromagnetic assemblies and components for the aerospace and defence markets.  

Aerospace & Defence
3rd September 2020
TT Electronics wins BAE Systems Team Tempest contract

TT Electronics has won a contract from BAE Systems for the design, development and qualification of a DC-DC Converter to support project Tempest.

4th June 2020
TT Electronics initiative accelerates IoT deployment

‘Speed to Connect’, an innovative framework that enables customers to deploy smart IoT solutions faster and more cost effectively than going it alone has been unveiled by TT Electronics.

22nd April 2020
Variable resistor for wide range of audio options

TT Electronics has announced the addition of ten new product families to its variable resistor for professional audio portfolio. The portfolio expansion includes the introduction of five rotary potentiometer families, four slide potentiometers families, and one encoder series.

8th January 2020
TT Electronics acquires US A&D power supply business

TT Electronics has announced that it has completed the acquisition of a US-based business that designs and manufactures power electronics for defence and aerospace markets, enhancing TT’s ability to engineer complete power converters. TT has acquired the Covina, California-based business unit from Excelitas Technologies (Waltham, MA).

4th December 2019
Slimline option differentiates desktop power supplies

Enhancing the company’s ability to deliver high efficiency AC-DC power solutions to international standards, TT Electronics has launched the Protek Power N3 Series. Optimised for products requiring a high performance yet compact power supply, the products support OEMs with high power density in a slimline option that is smaller than competing alternatives.

Aerospace & Defence
2nd September 2019
Connectors for demanding military vehicle applications at DSEI

TT Electronics has introduced three highly diverse connector solutions designed for harsh environment applications: Pola Power, OcTrain and SteadiShield. These innovative additions to the TT interconnect range have been developed to meet the power and connectivity demands of today’s military vehicle requirements and all will be on display at DSEI 2019, taking place in London from 10th - 13th September.

22nd August 2019
Surface mount inductors meet complex requirements

TT Electronics has announced two new surface mount device (SMD) power inductors: the HM66M series for use in high frequency power conversion systems and EMI filter applications, and the HM78M series for use in high density and high frequency DC/DC converter applications.

Aerospace & Defence
17th July 2019
Modular current sensors cope with harsh environments

An innovative approach to developing customised solutions for the harsh environment requirements of the aerospace and defence market has been unveiled by TT Electronics. Building on the company’s existing range of current sensor modules, this new and highly diverse modular technique leverages Hall-Effect and Rogowski sensors, as well as amplifiers and digital converters.

18th June 2019
Metal cases add value in space electronics

Does the design of space electronics have room for traditional metal case devices? As a proven packaging option, the appeal of compliance and reliability has designers taking a new look at heritage technology. Even as hermetic devices have been popular design choices over the last few decades, today designers are revisiting Transistor Outline (TO) JEDEC packages that were once the norm for space electronics.

23rd May 2019
Connectors ensure high speed data integrity in vehicle applications

Global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications, TT Electronics, has announced two new products for rail and military vehicles, as well as the telecommunication and industrial markets. The SteadiShield connector and the OcTrain 10Gb Ethernet contact can be utilised in braking systems, trackside and signalling cables, drivers’ cabin equipment, and communications equipment.

17th May 2019
Shunt resistor designed for high current measurements

TT Electronics has announced E-Beam Welded Shunt­ resistors for industrial and automotive applications. The EBW8518 is an electron beam welded resistance element, sandwiched between large copper terminals with optional tin plating. Precision applications can make use of its one percent tolerance, 100ppm/°C TCR, 1µV/°C thermal EMF and separate ground pins to reduce errors.

1st May 2019
HDSC resistors enhance surge protection

High energy double sided chip (HDSC) resistors are the latest addition to TT Electronics’ range of pulse withstanding chip resistors. HDSC chip resistors are untrimmed for improved pulse performance and target industrial and medical applications such as power supplies, circuit breakers, and medical monitor input protection.

24th April 2019
Thermal jumper chips enhance temperature rise management

Thermal jumper chips that enable circuit designers to manage temperature rise in compact power electronic assemblies have been released by TT Electronics. The TJC series provide a thermally conductive pathway with electrical isolation for management of PCB hotspot areas.

10th April 2019
Gate drive transformers for demanding battery management

Provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications, TT Electronics, has introduced its HA42A and HA86A Series gate drive transformers for the automotive and industrial markets. These miniature surface mount design (SMD) solutions are ideal for high efficiency Battery Management System applications where size and reliability are critical.

26th March 2019
Acquisition to extend power systems solutions portfolio

Global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications, TT Electronics, has announced the acquisition of Power Partners, a provider of medical and industrial specialist power products for the North American market. The firm is based in Boston, Massachusetts, and complements TT’s global power electronics business with new products and design capabilities. 

21st March 2019
Fibre-optic transmitters enable shorter lead times

The OPF350A and OPF352A evolved fibre optic transmitter solutions based on 850nm LED technology. Engineered for field-proven reliability and consistent high-output performance, the new devices enable equipment makers to reduce turnaround times and simplify procurement and planning. 

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