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17th December 2015
TQ product innovations for embedded world

TQ Systems will be presenting new modules based on ARM, x86 and QorIQ at embedded world, Hall 1, Stand 1-578. In the ARM area, TQ will be showing two new modules based on energy-saving Cortex A7 technology: The TQMa7x ARM module uses the i.MX7 at up to 1GHz.

3rd March 2015
Directly-solderable module provides performance at low cost

TQ has developed the TQMa335L, a small Minimodule with high processing power which can be directly soldered to the base board. Based on the TI's AM335x processor, the ARM Cortex-A8 module is suitable for device developments where high quality is required at low cost, and is based on LGA technology, whereby connections are placed on the PCB in the form of a chessboard style grid of interfaces.

26th February 2015
Minimodules suit ICUs, M2M & IoT gateways

TQ has announced the TQMa7x (below image, left) and TQMa5xxx (below image, right), two Minimodules based on ARM Cortex-A7 and ARM Cortex-A15 processors. TQ has specifically selected this technology on a forward-looking basis, so that it can continue to support its customers with innovative ARM products.

12th November 2014
Touch support from the first second

To meet the rising demand for systems with touch operation, TQ as one of the market leaders in embedded systems is building on innovative BIOS/UEFI technology with its new x86 products. The new TQMxE38M embedded module will be the first product to build on this technology.

12th November 2014
Energy efficiency and high performance due to new CPU technology

TQ is planning to launch two Minimodules, the TQMa7x and the TQMa5xxx, in which the new ARM Cortex-A7 and ARM Cortex-A15 processor families are used. By specifically choosing the technology, TQ is creating a basis for future innovations and cutting-edge products in the ARM sector.

12th November 2014
TQ presents the COM Express MinimoduleTQMxE38M

Equipped with the latest Intel Atom E3800 (Bay Trail) family and up to 8 GB DDR3L memory with ECC support, the exceptionally compact CPU module TQMxE38M is perfectly designed and built for use in demanding applications. Six different CPU versions – all specific for the extended temperature range – allow optimal scalability in terms of capacity and power consumption. The robust design and the optional paint finish make this module exce...

12th November 2014
The ARM Dual Cortex-A7 module for networks of tomorrow

With the TQMLS102xA, TQ is realizing a Minimodule based on the new QorIQ LS102xA Layerscape processor family of Freescale Semiconductor. Low power dissipation and ideal connection of the ARM CPU to the communication unit promises a forward-looking focus.

12th November 2014
New TQ development site with x86 focus

TQ-Systems has opened a new development site at the TQ Technology Park in Peiting, Bavaria. It focuses on embedded systems with Intel Architecture – from hardware development to layout to system integration. TQ's development department is now distributed across five locations and involves a total of 150 employees. 

21st March 2014
SRI Radio Systems renamed TQ Systems Durach

As of March 1st 2014, SRI Radio Systems has been renamed TQ Systems Durach. Officially part of the TQ Group since July 31st 2013, the renaming is a further step towards the company’s integration within the group.

2nd December 2013
ARM Cortex-A9 module for multi-display medical applications

Based on the ARM processor family i.MX6 by Freescale, the TQMa6x is an affordable, small, and very powerful minimodule from TQ. Ideal for medical applications in which several displays are required, the TQMa6x minimodule features a variety of display interfaces, including LVDS and HDMI, to offer higher flexibility.

21st November 2013
Embedded modules for medical device applications

TQ-Systems has today announced the introduction of a new small embedded minimodule offering excellent computing performance. Ideally suited for the development of medical devices on the basis of its properties, the TQMa335x is based on the Texas Instruments AM335x ARM processor family.

Test & Measurement
5th March 2013
TQ-Group Announces TinyBox TBa53 Modular data logger

In the form of the new TinyBox TBa53, TQ is presenting a modular data logger, based on the TQMa53, which can also be used as a gateway. The data logger, which consists of a mainboard, module and casing, allows a cost-efficient and quick implementation of customer-specific systems solutions. Two system slots are available for expansions.

4th March 2013
TQ Announces Hardware Collaboration With Wind River

TQ-Systems has announced a hardware collaboration with Wind River. As part of the Wind River Hardware Partner Alliance Program, TQ will offer solution packages aimed at applications in the medical device market segment. The solution packages will include state-of-the art CPU modules, suited to match requirements of various applications, as well as Wind River VxWorks real-time operating system or Wind River Linux for ARM and PowerPC applications.

28th February 2013
TQ-Group Announce High Performance Minimodule With PRU Support

With the TQMa335, based on the ARM processor family AM335x from Texas Instruments, TQ-Systems has created a high-performance minimodule with two integrated PRUs. A starter kit consisting of a mainboard, module and accessories will support customers in the development of diverse system solutions.

26th February 2013
RoboCup world champion relies on the COMSys PC solutions of TQ

The LUHbots team of the Leibniz University of Hannover, together with TQ-Systems, will put the performance of their mobile robots - with COMSys embedded PC components from TQ - to the test at embedded world exhibition. Last year the LUHbots team won the RoboCup@Work World Championship in Mexico with their mobile robots. Now that the software optimisations had reached their limit, the team has decided to equip the mobile robots with the COMSys har...

25th February 2013
Strong multi-talents: COMSys x86 solutions

TQ presents hardware kits, BoxPCs and PanelPC with the latest Intel Core processors at embedded world. The multi-touch all-in-one solutions with projected capacitive touch and multi-monitor support, based on the COMSys embedded PC solutions of TQ-Systems are best equipped for Windows 8 and Windows Embedded 8.

5th December 2012
TQ unveil the TQMa28L, small and plugless ARM9 module

With the new TQMa28L, TQ has created a module variant of the TQMa28 without a connector on a tiny 30mm x 30mm space. The module is a software-compatible variation that can be soldered directly onto the basis board using the Land Grid Array. The module is an excellent core for applications in smart metering, human-machine interfaces, and industrial control due to its variety of interfaces, very small module size, and low power consumption.

14th November 2012
TQ-Systems is creating a new drive technology business division: complete systems and engines one-stop

TQ-Systems is rounding out its service portfolio with drive technology and has created a new business division for this purpose. Engines with RoboDrive technology are the core of the offer, supplemented by customer-specific system integration (embedded drives).

14th November 2012
Cortex A9 module TQMa6x – scalable and powerful

In the TQMa6x, based on the ARM processor family i.MX6 by Freescale, TQ is developing an affordable, small, and very powerful minimodule. A starter kit consisting of a mainboard, module, and accessories will help customers develop a variety of system solutions.

13th November 2012
Embedded PC platform COMSys: A strong foundation for Box PCs and Panel PCs

The uses of TQ's embedded PC platform COMSys grow ever more varied: the modular system now not only shows up in TQ's own products, but often forms the core element of individual partner and customer solutions that require flexibility, reliability, optimized cooling, and long-term availability.

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