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27th September 2016
High-frequency programmable TCXO features fast delivery

  The TXF temperature compensated crystal oscillator is the new TCXO from Total Frequency Control. This TXF offers the output of LVCMOS, LVPECL and LVDS with the frequency range from 10MHz up to 1.4GHz, supplied in the incredibly small package of 3.2x2.5mm. 

Frequency Control
28th July 2016
Frequency oscillators offer a range of options

Manufactured over a frequency range of 1MHz to 200MHz, the miniature ceramic smd, crystal clock oscillator from Total Frequency Control (TFC) features a low supply current, tight symmetry and a supply voltage from 1.8V DC up to 3.3V DC. Output frequency is pre-programmed from standard units providing custom frequencies with minimum delivery times, suitable for new designs in miniature equipment, supplied on tape and reel.

Frequency Control
13th June 2016
32.768kHz smd tuning fork crystals

The sub miniaturisation of the ubiquitous 32.768 kHz ‘watch crystal’ continues with package sizes reduced to (2.0 x 1.2) mm and very low profile. Available from TFC, smd tuning fork crystals are a low cost crystal with an ultra-low profile of 0.9mm and three standard packages of 2.0 x 1.2mm, 3.2 x 1.5mm and 4.2 x 1.5mm.

18th May 2016
High value inductance radial ferrite inductors

Supplied by Total Frequency Control the type PK radial inductors provide compact high value inductance. The use of high performance ferrite material results in high Q components from 1µH ~ 150milli H. A unique lead to winding construction method provides excellent mechanical strength and the product is epoxy coated for maximum protection against humidity and may additionally be sleeved to customers order.

Frequency Control
28th April 2016
SMD crystal oscillators enable ultra-low noise

TFC’s wide range of Crystal Oscillators has been updated with the introduction of two ultra Low Phase Noise oscillator packages, the OX-U (3.2x2.5 mm) and OY-U (2.5x2.0mm) SMD Crystal Oscillator packages. Both oscillators are available from 20 to 60MHz in frequency and are supplied in a small SMD package.

5th April 2016
High frequency SMD crystals enable up to 400.0MHz

TFC’s range of quartz crystals have been updated with the introduction of two miniature crystal packages, the XX (3.20x2.50mm) and the XV (5.0x3.2mm). Both crystals are available up to 400MHz in frequency and are supplied in an ultra-thin SMD ceramic package with a vacuum seal.

21st January 2016
Adjustable coils suitable for generic replacements

The I.F. adjustable coils are available in many different designs and sizes; they can be for generic replacements, standard or custom wound, tuneable shielded or unshielded. Suitable for oscillator circuits or as an IFT for AM/FM applications, TFC’s I.F. adjustable inductor coils are custom wound and manufactured with short lead times to meet sample and production requirements.

11th December 2015
Lightweight oscillator designed for space saving

The recently available FCXO-06T is a compact and lightweight 2.0x1.6mm design which is suitable for space saving designs. This oscillator has precise frequency stability +/-8ppm over Operating Temperature of -40 +105°C and low power consumption of 3.0mA max. The frequency range from 2 - 80MHz.

4th November 2015
The 'world’s smallest' quartz crystal unit

Recently available from River Electronics the FCX-08 package, which is classified as the world’s smallest quartz crystal unit. This crystal is enclosed in a ceramic 1.2×1.0mm package with a metal lid sealed by an electron beam. This particular package comes with a now lower frequency tolerance of +/- 7ppm and also with a wider operating temperature of -40 + 125°C. Frequencies range from 36 up to 80MHz, applications for this unique...

24th September 2015
Small SMD power inductor features ferrite core

The CDR74B SMD shielded power inductor from Total Frequency Control provides a high inductance with high rated DC current in a very small SMD shielded package. These high quality components can be assembled using reflow or wave soldering techniques and are supplied packed in bulk or on a 12mm tape and reel.

2nd September 2015
TCXO operates over a 10-52MHz frequency range

Manufactured over the frequency range of 10 to 52MHz, with a tolerance ranging from ±0.5ppm, the TX SMD voltage controlled TCXO has been introduced by Total Frequency Control. The device offers low aging and low power consumption, making it suitable for GPS, WiMAX/WLAN and mobile phone applications.

23rd July 2015
Precision quartz crystals suit smart card applications

Total Frequency Control provides a wide range of miniature SMD quartz crystals in both standard and custom frequencies with sizes ranging from 1.6x1.0 to 8.0x2.3mm. Applications include automotive such as the Keyless entry systems and engine management, smart credit cards, animal tracking systems, telecommunications and digital instrumentation.

9th June 2015
SMD power inductors feature values ranging from 1 to 1500uH

SMD power inductors with an inductance value ranging from 1 to 1500uH have been introduced by TFC. The devices provide for high power and high saturation, allowing for high current applications. Suitable applications include portable communication equipment, hard disk drives, LCD televisions, power supplies for VTRs, DC/DC converters and notebook PCs.

27th May 2015
SMD crystal oscillator operates from 80 to 320MHz

Featuring a third overtone crystal design, the OW SMD PECL/LVDS crystal oscillator has been introduced by TFC. The device, which features six pads, operates from 3.3 and 2.5VDC. Suitable for frequencies ranging from 80 to 320MHz, the oscillator is offered with the option for the tristate function to be enabled or disabled.

14th April 2015
Micro miniature crystal features a tight tolerance of 10ppm

  An SMD crystal, which measures 2.05x1.65x0.50mm and is available in frequencies of 20 up to 80MHz, has been introduced by TFC. Operating across a temperature range of -40 to +125°C, the micro miniature crystal features a tight tolerance of 10ppm.

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