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Artificial Intelligence
8th September 2017
Will self driving vehicles be AR's first big platform?

A few years ago, augmented reality technology seemed primed to have a major cultural moment. Hyped up by tech blogs, Google Glass captured the public imagination before it was ever seen by consumers. People envisioned themselves walking around with computerised eyeglasses that projected ratings onto restaurants they passed and traffic reports onto roads they were driving. Author: Sam Chase, The Connected Car

1st September 2017
Self-driving cars protect road workers in Colorado

When we hear the phrase 'autonomous vehicles,' the mind often goes to the most advanced version of these things. To many people, a self-driving car is nothing short of an automobile with Level 5 autonomy, one that can navigate urban traffic and around accidents and find the perfect parking spot at a moment's notice. While no version of this car currently exists, plenty of vehicles that are already on our roads do have autonomous features. Author...

31st August 2017
Could street sign graffiti confuse autonomous vehicles?

Depending on your point of view, graffiti can be either an act of vandalism that is a blight on city streets or a legitimate, albeit underground, art form. However, for autonomous cars, graffiti can represent something altogether different. It can be a dangerous physical hazard. Author: Sam Chase, The Connected Car

2nd August 2017
Should autonomous cars be regulated like drugs?

The potential for self-driving cars to make roads safer is immense. There are some estimates that autonomous vehicles will reduce traffic deaths by as much as 90%. Given the chance to reduce loss of life, it's hard to argue that self-driving cars shouldn't be developed and deployed as quickly as possible. However, a deeper level of thinking complicates this logic.  Author: Sam Chase, The Connected Car

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