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1st March 2017
How smart cities can protect IoT devices from ransomware

As cities continue to roll out new applications for connected devices, hackers could be preparing to unleash the next generation of ransomware - one that targets municipal systems. “The burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT) offers a host of connective possibilities and is short on security standards,” advised a Kaspersky Labs guide to ransomware.  Author: Karen J. Bannan

27th February 2017
Welcome to the the darkside of IoT

Even though they differ greatly, what analyst and vendor projections all agree on is that the number of connected internet of things devices will essentially go through the roof over the next couple of years. Estimates range anywhere from 20 to 50 billion connected IoT devices by 2020 - with Gartner, for example, projecting 20 billion devices as more a 'conservative' estimate, if there ever is a conservative view in light of these stunning figure...

Test & Measurement
14th February 2017
Finding the right balance between automated and manual testing

In the world of software testing, test automation can very easily seem like a golden nugget. Consider the case of a tester who runs several manual tests that eat up time that he or she wants to spend focusing on other areas of the application. Test automation to the rescue, right? While it’s true that automating test executions can save valuable time, it’s not as simple as it might sound.

19th January 2017
How is IoT changing the face of healthcare?

The Internet of Things is about to transform the way we live and work. And if it reaches its fullest potential, it will fundamentally change every aspect of our lives. That sort of disruption is evident in the healthcare sector, where the pen and paper has been the primary means of recording patient information for decades. But now, healthcare technology is changing in major ways.

13th January 2017
How the shift towards virtual emulation is reinvigorating

Mentor and Ixia recently announced an integration that bridges the gap between pre-silicon verification and post-silicon validation. Ixia’s IxVerify virtual test tool for pre-silicon testing – working in collaboration with the Veloce Virtual Network (VN) App – aims to catch logic errors and thus identify and resolve defects during the system on chip (SoC) verification flow.

Test & Measurement
13th January 2017
How to perform Manual Performance Testing?

A speedy and responsive site is directly correlated with higher levels of visitors and better user experience. Performance testing plays a vital role. It is the only way to determine an application’s behaviour at different levels of load and users. But can performance tests be conducted manually like functional tests? Let’s look into this aspect of performance test through this article.

12th January 2017
Challenges, solutions and security needs in IoT business plans

The Internet of Things (IoT) is not just generating a tsunami of data for which new connectivity and data analysis approaches are developed, such as fog computing and others. The IoT is also generating a tsunami of risks and concerns in the areas of Internet of Things security, regulatory compliancy and data privacy, as the team at i-SCOOP explains here.

3rd January 2017
How to defend yourself and your company from DDoS attacks

Massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have become a weekly scourge, and with software now embedded in most consumer electronics, the problem will likely only get worse. Author: Michael Joseph, Senior Contributor, CA Technologies

19th December 2016
The 'unknown unknowns' of IoT security

As the Internet Of Things (IoT) evolves, our dependency on it will grow exponentially. With complexity comes hidden vulnerabilities; the 'unknown unknowns'. We cannot fully predict where security weakness lies because no single group has full access to all the code and hardware. Here, David Campbell outlines the importance of security design and high-level design considerations.

14th December 2016
Embedded software verification issues continue to grow

Embedded software is becoming more critical in managing the power and performance of complex designs, but so far there is no consensus about the best way to approach it - and that’s creating problems. Author: Ann Steffora Mutschler 

12th December 2016
Performance testing tools essential in the IoT age

Internet of Things devices are exploding in use, creating new business opportunities and putting a smarter spin on old solutions. These new devices don’t always fit into the conventional use-case mold software developers are accustomed to working with: they present a range of new challenges in performance testing.

2nd December 2016
Why IoT connected cars need better security

The Dyn Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack that occurred in the late weeks of October this year have shaken the world at its very foundation - it's virtual foundation, that is. The attack was carried out largely using connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices.  Author: Andrew Heikkila

Test & Measurement
1st December 2016
A comprehensive list of software testing levels

  There are four levels of software testing: unit testing, integration testing, system testing and acceptance testing. In addition, there are different types of testing and in this article Shreyasi Paul tries to cover and explain them all.

1st December 2016
What is the problem with IoT security?

You have probably heard the term 'the Internet of Things' (IoT) being thrown about, according to some it is the next big revolution after mobile, for others it is more hype than reality. The truth is somewhere in between. However one thing is sure the number of computing devices connected to the internet is growing, and growing fast, Gary Sims explains.

25th November 2016
Security in the era of cognitive IoT

The connectivity of things such as thermostats, medical devices, automobiles and industrial equipment presents an exciting environment for innovation and new business opportunities. As we rely on connected devices to make our lives better and easier, security must be considered from every aspect. 

16th November 2016
The genesis of portable stimulus

When I first met Adnan Hamid, Breker’s CEO, his philosophical understanding of verification and its implications for electronics was as crystal clear then as it is now. He sees it as the enabler for greater innovation in chips and beyond, and takes it as his life’s mission.  Author: Maheen Hamid, Co-founder, Breker Verification Systems

4th November 2016
Is IoT really the new Wild West?

This weekend has seen many new headlines in the mainstream press regarding the recent botnet attack creating more fear and lack of consumer trust in IoT devices, headlines such as: “Do you want your shower to help Russian hackers?“ “IoT-enabled botnet launches record 1.5Tbps DDoS attack!” Just why are IoT devices so vulnerable and who is going to help fix the issues or is IoT really the new wild west.

17th October 2016
Why do we need to take IoT security more seriously?

It goes without saying that cybersecurity is a serious concern, especially as internet and online services become more ingrained in our lives. Since the advent of Internet of Things (IoT), the number of connected devices in our homes, office and on our person is growing at a fast pace.  Author: Ben Dickson

12th October 2016
Five cyber security measures for IoT medical devices

  With the incidents of healthcare-industry cyberattacks and data breaches increasing, the issue of medical devices that are connected via the Internet of Things (IoT) will surely be coming more and more into the spotlight. 

10th October 2016
How to build up your IoT security, confidence and trust

Lack of security confidence is one of the top concerns enterprises have about the Internet of Things (IoT). AT&T’s CEO’s Guide to Securing the Internet of Things, which featured survey results from more than 5,000 enterprises worldwide, found that 85% of enterprises are either in the process of, or planning to, deploy IoT devices. 

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